Pattern Expansions & Updates

  Pattern expansions or updates will only be on made on patterns
from 2014-2015 (unless an error has been found). 
Patterns that will be updated and or will be expanded have been removed from the site.  All patterns currently listed on the site have been updated or were created with our new format in 2016-present time.  There are currently no patterns that will be expanded.  There are currently four patterns that will be updated.  All other patterns from 2014 that will no longer be part of Lil Luxe Collection have been discontinued and removed from the website.

Pattern Expansions

There are currently no patterns that will be expanded.
Pattern EXPANSIONS WILL NOT be sent for FREE.
Lil Luxe Collection reserves the right to change, alter or add features to pattern files at any time.  In most cases pattern expansions include one additional size, an additional length or style (top, tunic, or dress length, etc.), new tutorial graphics, new color scheme/layout, and/or may also include additional print shop files. Upon rerelease, the pattern will be on sale for a set amount of days to allow anyone who would like to purchase the new pattern file at a discounted price. You do not have to purchase the pattern expansion if you are satisfied with your original purchase, however if you would like the new features, you will have the option to buy the pattern at a discounted price during its rerelease period.
Expanded patterns undergo the same testing process as a new pattern to assure the  additional pattern features meet the same level of fit as the original pattern. Pattern expansions (tunic, blouse, dress lengths, etc.) can be achieved with a little pattern hacking but they've been included in new tutorials for those who prefer to have a pattern rather than figuring it out.

Pattern Updates

There are currently four patterns that will be updated in the near future: Slim Trousers, Mini Moto Pants,  Northwest Flares & the Haute Skort.
Pattern updates WILL BE EMAILED at NO COST.
If an ERROR in the pattern or its construction is found, the pattern will be revised, retested and resent to purchasers via email notification at NO COST.

Discontinued Patterns

The following patterns have been discontinued:

Charming Tee, Reversible crop top, Rural Romper, Socialite peplum, Lakeshore Crop, Sweetheart Dress.

If you have these patterns, there is nothing wrong with them, we have just decided not to keep them/update them to our current standard.