Pattern Sizing and Testing

Pattern Sizing

Lil Luxe Collection acknowledges that everyone’s body type is different.  We base our sizes on standard US measurements and give instructions on most of our tutorials on how to customize your size to fit your model.  Each pattern size has been tested by at least two seamstresses with models of varying size.  You can find examples of Lil Luxe Collection finished garments by my group of trusted and reliable testers on our tester round up posts (listed in the product description).  You can also use the # (hashtag) listed on each tutorial to search and see other finished garments by lil luxe makers on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Remember to share, pin and tag your creations by Lil Luxe Collection!

Pattern Testing

Lil Luxe Collection Testers are Amazing!  Special Thanks for all their hard work.  If you wish to be a Lil Luxe Collection tester please fill out an application below. Please enter one application per model. For example if you have two daughters, fill out two applications, one for each daughter.  Applications will be sorted once per month. You will be contacted by email if you have been selected to join our test group.

In the tester application you will be asked to link to a site (Instagram, Facebook, blog, etc.) where I can see your sewing.  If you don’t have a place to share all your beautiful creations consider joining Sewing Portfolios, a site where you can showcase your work and network!