Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Seam Allowance?

All seam allowances on Lil Luxe Collection patterns are 3/8" (1cm) unless otherwise stated in the tutorial. For your convenience, seam Allowances are worked into the pattern so there is no need for you to add seam allowances to the pattern pieces.

Are there bundle discount codes?

Yes! Please see our available codes & discounts HERE.

Where are the print from home pattern pages?

Print from home pattern pages are now located at the end of the tutorial. The single page large format pdf prints are A0 and US plan print files. More information about printing your pattern files can be found HERE.

Need additional pattern help?

If there was more time in the day and about 3 additional clones of myself, I would love to help every single one of you with sewing questions and construction help. Unfortunately I am only one person and can’t be available to help everyone but will do what I can. Please consider joining the Lil Luxe Group on Facebook. Our 7k+ group has many talented seamstresses and Lil Luxe pattern vets around the world who are available for help, support, encouragement and will probably be able to respond to your questions much faster than I would!

Can I sell my finished garments?

YES! You may sell garments made from Lil Luxe Collection patterns if they are sewn by YOU (the purchaser) in quantities of 5 or less. Purchasers of Lil Luxe Collection, patterns and tutorials, ARE NOT AUTHORIZED to sell products made from our designs on a wholesale or mass produced basis. Patterns are for PERSONAL USE ONLY!  

You (the pattern purchaser) can make as many as you want as long as you are the only one making them. Sharing the pattern with an assistant, for example, would be a breach of Lil Luxe Collections terms of use and falls under pattern sharing. The quantity of 5 is just a loose term meaning you can only sew and sell 5 at any given time. However, if can sew like a machine and bust out 7, then I can only applaud you on your sewing speed as long as you are the only one sewing from our pattern. If you have others working with you, please direct them to our site so that they may purchase their own copy of the pattern.

If you choose to sell garments made from Lil Luxe patterns please credit our design work by, CITING LIL LUXE COLLECTION and reference our web link in your product description.



No portion of this pattern and tutorial may be photocopied or reproduced by any means without the express written consent from Lil Luxe Collection. Your purchase of this pattern and tutorial is a license for personal use. Copyright to all pattern pieces, photos, and instructional material remains with Lil Luxe Collection by Jessica Bustos. Lil Luxe Collection by Jessica Bustos cannot be held responsible for human error, printing errors or individual workmanship. All patterns and tutorials are protected herein by copyright and may not be produced for any commercial use. Items made with Lil Luxe Collection patterns and tutorials may be produced from a home based setting and sold on a small scale basis.


A lot of work goes into the production of each design. Please direct fans of Lil Luxe Collection patterns and tutorials to our website for the purchase of their own copy.  

Account password troubles?

If you can't access your account, try resetting your password. The password reset will be sent to the email you've associated with your account. BE SURE TO CHECK YOUR SPAM/JUNK FOLDER!! If you don't see the reset email and are still having password/login troubles, please contact us using the form below.

If you no longer have access to the email address you used when you set up your account, please purchase a File Request/Account Merge and we would be happy to merge your pattern purchase history. In some cases you may have multiple accounts because you may have checkout out under a different email, in this matter please fill out a File Request and give me as much information (email, order #, receipt, etc.) so that I may find your account(s).

My emailed download links are not working?


For security purposes, purchases made after May 12, 2017 have a DOWNLOAD LIMIT. Please contact us using the form below to reset your limit if needed.

If your purchase was made prior to May 12, 2017 and you did not save your pattern files in April 2017 when notifications were made regarding our website switch, please process a (File Request).   Emailed links to past downloads are expired. Login to your account (reset your password if necessary) to make sure your purchase history is there, then proceed with a File Request if necessary. If you submitted a File request or purchased after May 12, 2017 all of your patterns have been updated with the most current version of the pattern (including A0 & US plan print files) automatically and are available in YOUR LIL LUXE ACCOUNT.

FILE REQUESTS HAVE A $1 SERVICE FEE - This is not per pattern or per past order...it is a one time fee. The File requests provides a place holder for Lil Luxe to add your pattern files. Please be sure to read the details of the File Request on the purchase page.

Why was there a website switch?

Website hosting changes and monthly price increases were taking effect on our old server that would limit what I could do and offer on the website. With new technology, websites, apps, etc. changing all the time, business owners need to be able to keep up and sometimes have to make decisions for what is best for their company and so I took the leap and switched my website over to Shopify. I paid for everyone's account and purchase history to be brought over but unfortunately that did not create new download links.

Notifications were made on the website, newsletter and across all of our social medias about the switch prior to the switch. I then spent nearly half a year offering everyone who missed the notifications and/or didn't have their patterns backed up, the file request to reactivate their patterns FOR FREE. A time during which I was not able to release new patterns therefore sacrificing my family's livelihood, and furthermore taking time away from my children who stayed indoors during their summer vacation so I could work diligently on customer accounts. I am not a robot or a corporation with people working for me...I am one person, a full time work from home mom with 4 kids in my household, trying to do the best I can and trying to please as many customers as I can. Unfortunately I can't please everyone and I have to make decisions and create deadlines if I am to have a successful business.

I thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.

What's new on the site/patterns?

For purchases made on our new server I am able to update everyone's accounts automatically with new file features, pattern add ons, etc., just by updating the file on my end. I was not able to do this before unless I paid an outrageous monthly charge or by doing it manually for every purchaser. For example all patterns now have A0 and US plan print files, by adding these files to the pattern files on our new server, everyone automatically gets them...at NO COST. If I wanted to add a skirt file to a blouse pattern, I can do that and give everyone who purchased the blouse access to the skirt add on automatically via their account.

Customizing the site has never been easier! I don't need to spend hours learning code or updating apps on the site to keep it running smoothly and looking great. This means I have more time to design and bring you new patterns!

The new website works seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices with new features such as log in Facebook or Amazon for example. That means if you're already logged into your social media account, you don't have to remember your password to login to your Lil Luxe account.

Most importantly, our information is now more secure. With just a few techy tricks people were able to access our entire collection of patterns from the world wide web without even paying. Our new server is much more secure with less chances of being hacked. Furthermore, our photos can not be stolen or downloaded from our site for unauthorized use.

I understand the switch has been frustrating for some...I'm sure just as much as it has been for me and believe me when I say I was not jumping for joy with all the additional work and upset customers it created but I can not regret the reasons I chose to switch servers. Even though the cost to run the website on a monthly basis is more than what it was before, I feel confident in all the work I have put into the new website and am happy with what I can now offer and continue to build on as technology changes and as Lil Luxe Collection evolves.


Lil Luxe Collection is located in the USA, Central Standard time zone and is run by a team of ONE.

If your answers could not be answered above, please use the contact form below.

Many tags/messages get lost or end up in an others folder on Facebook and other social medias so I ask that you please DO NOT tag or send me private messages on Facebook, Instagram or send me conversations on Etsy. This contact form is the best way for me to keep track and respond.

Your email will be answered as soon as possible Monday-Thursday, between 10-4pm US central standard time.

I thank everyone for their patience, understanding and continued love and support for Lil Luxe Collection Patterns.

Thank you for your inquiry.
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