Lil Luxe Collection is located in the USA, Central Standard time zone and is run by a team of ONE.  In addition to running all aspects of Lil Luxe Collection as a business (accounting, marketing, website, pattern design and testing, etc.), I am also a full time mom with two little girls.  Please understand that it is quite a balance to be a productive mother and work from home.  Inquires will be responded to as soon as possible which is generally within 2-3 business days.  Because of the time difference between the US and other countries, you may not receive a response from me within the time frame specified.  

Inquiries sent on the weekend or during holidays may take longer for a response.

Pattern Help?

If there was more time in the day and about 3 additional clones of myself, I would love to help every single one of you with sewing questions and construction help.  Unfortunately I am only one person and can’t be available to help everyone.  Please consider joining the Lil Luxe Group on Facebook.  Our 6k+ group has many talented seamstresses and Lil Luxe pattern vets around the world who are available for help, support, encouragement and will probably be able to respond to your questions much faster than I would!

Printing issues?

Please read our troubleshooting guide HERE

Lost Pattern files? 

Please read and fill out our file request form located HERE


For specific questions and inquiries please use the following contact form to get in contact with us.  Many tags/messages get lost or end up in an others folder on Facebook and other social medias, therefore I WILL ONLY CHECK EMAIL MESSAGES sent via this contact form.  Please DO NOT private message me on Facebook or send me conversations on Etsy.
Before emailing Lil Luxe please read through our footer section at the bottom of this page where your question may be answered.  Inquiries sent on weekends may take longer for a response.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.