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Marina Dress - Woven pattern hack

You asked and here it is...the ALL woven version of the Marina Dress!  With a few simple modifications to the MARINA DRESS PATTERN, you can make your knit bodice with woven fabrics too.  Please note that the Marina Dress was tested as specified in the original pattern as a knit bodice with woven skirt.  I have made the 4t for the purpose of this tutorial, all other sizes have NOT been tested with a woven bodice.  Always remember to test your fit with a muslin or inexpensive fabric.Step 1: Overlay your pattern piece onto a larger sheet of paper.  Add 3/8" (1cm) to the fold line of your bodice front. Also by this same amount, bring in the side curve toward...

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Living Skirt Art – Red Cap Girl

This month we are part Skirt Fixation‘s Living Skirt Art blog series.  You can see her post HERE and Melissa’s (of Rebel and Malice) HERE. This series was a perfect excuse to get sewing and make something artistic for our new home.  I had originally intended to blog about the three pieces I had planned to make but that was overly ambitious   I have the second outfit sewn and the third almost done.  I still plan on completing and photographing the other two and will update this post when they are done.

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Special occasion and everyday Lil Luxe Dress

AHH, the Lil Luxe Dress…Angie and I are so proud of our baby.  This is the first pattern that we have collaborated on as I welcomed Angie to the Lil Luxe Collection Team.  It’s been a work in progress since last November as we played around with Horsehair braid, different fabrics and planned this blog tour with sew along coming next week.  We’ve laughed together, cursed together (hehehe), spent many sleepless nights together, and like all babies…It has been worth it.

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