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Top Stitchers Season 3 Interview with Kimmie Sew Crazy

I am super excited to part of Top Stitchers this season!! You know I love me a competition…although this season it’s more of a friendly face off with another seamstress but still the Over the top “Bacon Ice Cream” prompt has my head spinning and my creative juices on FIRE which is what I love about competing.  I never look at competitions on how to beat my opponents.  To me, it’s more like: how can I push myself to do something different? or what can I make that I haven’t made before?  I’ve already gone shopping for fabric and have a general idea of what I’m going to do but October 20th (the date our challenge garments are revealed) is still a long...

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Simple D-ring belt tutorial

I love to make a statement with accessories! So, here is a quick and easy D-Ring Belt tutorial. Measure your model's waist and add about 14-20 inches.Belt suggestions: Make it Luxe! Use fur trim, leather or a specialty trim to make it a stand out piece. Add a flower, bow or other adornment to conceal the D-rings   Notions: *One set of 3/4” (1.9cm) or 1" (2.5cm) “D” rings *3/4” (1.9cm) or 1" (2.5cm) Trim 1: Slip your “D” rings onto one side of your belt. 2: Turn your belt over and fold the raw edge 1/4”(.5cm) followed by another 1/4” (.5cm) to conceal the raw edge. Pin in place. 3: With wrong sides together,  fold your edge 1”(2.5cm) over,...

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(update) WOOHOO!! I was the Winner for Best Pocket!!! The Ishi Dress…at first I was a little uninspired on how I wanted this dress to look. So I turned to my go to for inspiration – Pinterest!  I came across this image.  You can click on the image for the source…it leads to to a page with lots of foreign wording that i don’t understand :/   Anyway…I thought layered tulle would be perfect for the big side pockets on the Ishi Dress.  Next I had to decide on fabric.  I spent countless hours searching for fabric that would complement the layered tulle pocket idea but nothing  So I decided to keep it simple and use a plain white cotton...

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Sewing for Nani Iro Month - Sleeveless Rouche Division top pattern hack

June is Nani Iro Month over at Miss Matatabi.  For me this was the perfect excuse to finally buy some Japanese fabric that I’ve been ogling over forever!  I must admit this past week was a really good sewing week.  I was for once not pumping out a new design, testing it till no end.  I seriously almost always make 5-10 versions of each new design and by the end of the process I’m so sick of it and can practically sew it with my eyes closed!  So this week I took a break from design and sewed for fun…and I was lucky enough that the girls weren’t sick and were behaving themselves enough to let me sew

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