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Top Stitchers Season 3 Bacon Ice Cream OTT look

Bacon Ice Cream…say wha?! Kim and I were challenged to create a look that combined two completely unexpected sewing ingredients – meaning to put together distinct fashion influences, fabrics types, and/or sewing techniques that form an explosive feast for the eyes to enjoy…in other words, it ALSO had to be over the top (OTT).  Talk about a challenge!!  See what I made below and check out my competitors look and leave us your rating on the Top Stitchers website (AKA the Sewing Stadium).

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Top Stitchers Season 3 Interview with Kimmie Sew Crazy

I am super excited to part of Top Stitchers this season!! You know I love me a competition…although this season it’s more of a friendly face off with another seamstress but still the Over the top “Bacon Ice Cream” prompt has my head spinning and my creative juices on FIRE which is what I love about competing.  I never look at competitions on how to beat my opponents.  To me, it’s more like: how can I push myself to do something different? or what can I make that I haven’t made before?  I’ve already gone shopping for fabric and have a general idea of what I’m going to do but October 20th (the date our challenge garments are revealed) is still a long...

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Simple D-ring belt tutorial

I love to make a statement with accessories! So, here is a quick and easy D-Ring Belt tutorial. Measure your model's waist and add about 14-20 inches.Belt suggestions: Make it Luxe! Use fur trim, leather or a specialty trim to make it a stand out piece. Add a flower, bow or other adornment to conceal the D-rings   Notions: *One set of 3/4” (1.9cm) or 1" (2.5cm) “D” rings *3/4” (1.9cm) or 1" (2.5cm) Trim 1: Slip your “D” rings onto one side of your belt. 2: Turn your belt over and fold the raw edge 1/4”(.5cm) followed by another 1/4” (.5cm) to conceal the raw edge. Pin in place. 3: With wrong sides together,  fold your edge 1”(2.5cm) over,...

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(update) WOOHOO!! I was the Winner for Best Pocket!!! The Ishi Dress…at first I was a little uninspired on how I wanted this dress to look. So I turned to my go to for inspiration – Pinterest!  I came across this image.  You can click on the image for the source…it leads to to a page with lots of foreign wording that i don’t understand :/   Anyway…I thought layered tulle would be perfect for the big side pockets on the Ishi Dress.  Next I had to decide on fabric.  I spent countless hours searching for fabric that would complement the layered tulle pocket idea but nothing  So I decided to keep it simple and use a plain white cotton...

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