Video Tutorial – Sewing a fully lined bodice – “Burrito” method

You’ve asked and asked and now here it is!!  A video tutorial for a sleeveless bodice with a lining using the “burrito” rolling method.  Unless you’re familiar with this method it can be hard to grasp even with pictures or illustrated instructions.  So I’ve made my very FIRST video tutorial!  I see many more video tutorials in my future   

This is my favorite method when sewing a fully lined sleeveless bodice.  The video shows the City Girl Swing top but you can use this method for many other sleeveless patterns such as the Alley Cat or Pier Dress.

There is no sound to the video and pop up instructions are included so feel free to watch this without disturbing your neighbor and pause on the step by step instructions.  Enjoy, and don’t forget to give Lil Luxe Collection you tube channel a thumbs up!!




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