Top Stitchers Season 3 Interview with Kimmie Sew Crazy

I am super excited to part of Top Stitchers this season!!

You know I love me a competition…although this season it’s more of a friendly face off with another seamstress but still the Over the top “Bacon Ice Cream” prompt has my head spinning and my creative juices on FIRE which is what I love about competing.  I never look at competitions on how to beat my opponents.  To me, it’s more like: how can I push myself to do something different? or what can I make that I haven’t made before?  I’ve already gone shopping for fabric and have a general idea of what I’m going to do but October 20th (the date our challenge garments are revealed) is still a long way away and I’m sure i’ll change my mind by then

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Now let me introduce you to my good friend and challenger this season Kim from Kimmie Sew Crazy.  She happens to be one of my Lil Luxe testers and I’m always impressed with what she makes and her photography.  She’s been a very influential tester on my team and I’m happy to have her.  For this season of Top Stitchers we were asked to interview our opponent.  Please read my interview below with Kim and don’t forget to follow Us and Top Stitchers on social media !!
Want to see my interview?  Find it on Kim’s blog here.
How long you’ve been sewing? What you most like to sew?

For a long time.  I remember sewing barbie clothes when I was little with a needle and thread.  I was to much of a party animal as a teen and young adult to take any interest in sewing.  Once my oldest son was born 14 years ago I attempted sewing a bit.  I would sew pajama pants mostly.  Eventually I saw some pretty awesome clothes on Ebay and wanted to recreate and sell them my self.  That never really played out until I bought the book Sewing Clothes Kids Love.  Once I scanned that book I was hooked and have been sewing ever since.  That was maybe 8 years ago, give or take a few : )

When/Why you started blogging? Why did you pick that blog name?
I started blogging because of the Frances Suzanne series Flip This Pattern.  I wanted to participate and I win some cool stuff : ).  I was laking on ideas when choosing my blog name.  I do not love it but it is kinda catchy, and I have been using it for awhile so I am sticking with it.
What are your crafty/bloggy aspirations?
No Idea?  I like to use the blog to share and participate in sew alongs, pattern testing, blog tours.  I would love to find a way to make money doing it.  I have been attempting to sew and sell products but it is so hard to find the time.
Which of your past sewing projects best exemplifies your top-stitcher-ness?
Hmmmmm, maybe some of my Frances Suzanne flips.  I like to change patterns to fit my idea’s : ).
Why you want to be part of this series/season
Looks fun, and I was so in love with the angel wings and velvet jacket in Cassie’s post.
Where can new fans follow you? Which social media platform are you on the most?
Besides sewing, what other hobbies/skills/ interests do you have?
Hmmm I pretty much enjoy family and than sewing.  I would love to get into kayaking.  We just need to buy 5 of them and for summer/spring to come back and than we are ready to go : )
What is the most unique material you have ever sewn with?
I have not been to crazy with fabrics.  I guess swim suit is the wildest I have gone.  We shall see how this post goes : )
What are you most comfortable sewing and what are you afraid of?
I am not really afraid.  I think sewing is just following directions until you know some great techniques to use to be more creative with patterns and self drafting.
Is there anything challenging that you want to sew?
I would love to make more jackets, purses, maybe clothes for me.
What do you think about our prompt? Excited, nervous, afraid, happy?
Ok I guess I am a little afraid of this prompt.  I really do not want to go too crazy because I want Mila to be able to wear the outfit more than once.  So I worry how to do this and to make sure I can fit in the time : )  I am super excited about the whole thing!!!

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