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Ombre Dip Dye Skirt Tutorial

Ombré is a French word meaning “to shade” and is often used to describe a dip-dye effect given to fabric in which the shades of color graduate from light to dark. You can choose to do a monochromatic color scheme for a sophisticated look or you can combine different complimentary colors.  The technique is quite simple, today I’ll be showing you two ombre styles for a knee length tulle skirt on the Lil Luxe Dress but you can use this technique for a regular skirt too. For this tutorial you will need: A large bucket A mixing stick Vinegar Rit dye liquid or powder A measuring cup Rubber gloves A hanger with clips Nylon tulle Make sure you have 100% Nylon...

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Lil Luxe Dress 3/4 Sleeve pattern hack

Hello everyone!!!! After we released the Lil Luxe Dress, we had several requests for a long sleeve option. Ask and you shall receive!!!  What we love about the Lil Luxe Dress is you have two dresses in one pattern…a fancy version and an everyday version.  We couldn’t wait until next week when our blog tour is set to begin to start showing you all the different ways you can wear, accessorize and modify your pattern.  So today we have a fun little tutorial for you on how to create a 3/4 sleeve from the cap sleeve included in the pattern

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Sewing for Nani Iro Month - Sleeveless Rouche Division top pattern hack

June is Nani Iro Month over at Miss Matatabi.  For me this was the perfect excuse to finally buy some Japanese fabric that I’ve been ogling over forever!  I must admit this past week was a really good sewing week.  I was for once not pumping out a new design, testing it till no end.  I seriously almost always make 5-10 versions of each new design and by the end of the process I’m so sick of it and can practically sew it with my eyes closed!  So this week I took a break from design and sewed for fun…and I was lucky enough that the girls weren’t sick and were behaving themselves enough to let me sew

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