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Metropolitan Blouse & Dress - EASY Paperbag skirt hack

We're going to jump right into it!!  This skirt modification is so easy and such a cute addition to the many possibilities of what you can sew with the Metropolitan Blouse & Dress pattern. All you need is the Metropolitan Blouse & Dress pattern, 1/2" non roll elastic and enough fabric to make just the skirt portion of the pattern.  Cut the length of the elastic to 1" shorter than the circumference of your model's waist. Measure the length of the skirt pattern piece you plan on using based on your model's height.  Subtract 3.5" from the length measurement...this will be the approximate finished length of the skirt after hemming.  Before cutting, determine if this is an appropriate skirt length for your model...

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Sleeveless Starlight City Dress Pattern Hack

At the beginning of the summer some of my favorite Instagramers Angie and Jenn were posting their modified versions of the Starlight City Dress and I fell in love with their sleeveless styles!! These two ladies make some amazing things so make sure to follow them on Instagram!  They always inspire me with their projects and pretty fabrics :) Follow Jenn on IG here Follow Angie on IG here Unfortunately time has a way of getting away from me especially during the summer when my girls are off from school but I finally had a minute to sew/blog about how you can achieve this look also....too bad summer is almost over for us :(  Because I needed an excuse to finally...

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Santorini Dress Pattern Hack

By popular demand...the SANTORINI DRESS VERSION! The dress modification is pretty easy.  There are many ways to turn this pattern into a dress but today I'm going to show you one easy way to turn the Santorini Sunsuit & Shorts into a dress using the bulk of the instructions from the original pattern. First, you will need the pattern.  Purchase the Santorini Sunsuit & Shorts HERE.  I meant to have this done last week, but my daughter's birthday snuck up on me and I couldn't get it all done.  So for today and tomorrow only, use coupon code SANTORINI to get the Santorini Sunsuit & Shorts at 30% off!!  Coupon will expire on Friday, June 30, 2017 at midnight US Central Standard time.  Without...

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Pier Dress KNIT VERSION pattern hack and mashUP

First let me introduce you to Indyego Fabrics! INDYEGO is an e-commerce fabric and design company started by two sisters with a passion for creating. The two were both running separate businesses. One sister was creating clothing for children and hip young mothers, while the other was designing custom costumes and festival attire for young creative music loving individuals. It wasn’t until after many hours online and trips to fabric stores spent looking for the perfect material, was the idea for INDYEGO born. The sisters came together to create a balanced team that was focused on quality and design made for those who had the same passions as themselves… Creating.  They had me at SISTERS :) I had the pleasure...

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Marina Dress - Woven pattern hack

You asked and here it is...the ALL woven version of the Marina Dress!  With a few simple modifications to the MARINA DRESS PATTERN, you can make your knit bodice with woven fabrics too.  Please note that the Marina Dress was tested as specified in the original pattern as a knit bodice with woven skirt.  I have made the 4t for the purpose of this tutorial, all other sizes have NOT been tested with a woven bodice.  Always remember to test your fit with a muslin or inexpensive fabric.Step 1: Overlay your pattern piece onto a larger sheet of paper.  Add 3/8" (1cm) to the fold line of your bodice front. Also by this same amount, bring in the side curve toward...

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