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Project Run & Play - Signature Style

Update: We Won first place!!! Here's what our Celebrity Judge Marcie of Oonabaloona had to say: What a wonderful thing you've given your daughters--the stories of the women that came before them, and the inspiration behind these gorgeous pieces absolutely shines through every stitch of these gorgeous pieces! Overall Look, Creativity, Craftsmanship, Wear-ability...all home runs. We made it to week four and I couldn't be happier!! I think I've kept true to my style throughout the entire competition with the themes in mind so I thought...ha...Signature Style will be easy. But no, just no. I got to week 4 and got creators block. I kept thinking how am I going to interpret my style with something new that I haven't...

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Project Run & Play - Stroke of Genius Challenge

After reading and looking through all the pictures, VOTE HERE ! Woot! Week 3!! I’ve been waiting for the “Stroke of Genius” challenge all season! I knew exactly what I wanted to do and the pieces I wanted to make. For this challenge I chose Pop Art as my inspiration. By definition, “Pop Art is an art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially as a critical or ironic comment on traditional fine art values”....thank you google! I was inspired by how DIY has really exploded via Pinterest, blogs and other social media’s over the last decade and created this “Makers Movement” that has paved the way for artists and makers of all types to really show...

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Project Run & Play - Flights of Fancy Challenge

update: First place & halfway there! Here's what Abby of While She Naps, our celebrity guest judge, had to say: I love all the elements and especially enjoyed the satin jacked and the winged backpack (every little girl would enjoy that backpack!) Week 2!! This weeks challenge, Flights of Fancy, was definitely a challenge but fun once I figured out the direction I wanted to go and where I wanted to shoot my photos. My grandfather passed away a few weeks ago so I chose to use a Quetzal bird, the country’s bird from where my grandparents immigrated from, Guatemala, in his honor and serve as my inspiration. I love the long tail feathers and the beautiful shiny colors of...

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Top Stitchers Season 3 Bacon Ice Cream OTT look

Bacon Ice Cream…say wha?! Kim and I were challenged to create a look that combined two completely unexpected sewing ingredients – meaning to put together distinct fashion influences, fabrics types, and/or sewing techniques that form an explosive feast for the eyes to enjoy…in other words, it ALSO had to be over the top (OTT).  Talk about a challenge!!  See what I made below and check out my competitors look and leave us your rating on the Top Stitchers website (AKA the Sewing Stadium).

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