Starting the year with a bang – Introducing the Lil Luxe Dress!

It’s 2016 and we’re starting the year with a bang!!  Our first pattern of the year defines Lil Luxe Collection and is aptly named The Lil Luxe Dress.  It tells you who we are, what we aim to be and so much more…this dress is the definition of Luxe!

lil luxe dress 3 lil luxe dress 2 lil luxe dress 1

The Lil Luxe Dress is a blend of Lil Luxe Collection’s most popular bodice and a beautiful, couture circle skirt like you’ve never seen before. I’m not a ruffles kind of gal so we’ve brought you an alternative to ruffles and gathers that will have everyone ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your dress.    The tulle gives lift and body to the voluptuous nature of the horsehair braid enhanced circle skirt.  Embellish your bodice with rhinestones or glitter appliqués for a simplistic yet over the top look. Go big or go home! Guaranteed  you will be so impressed with yourself!!

Options include a cap sleeve or sleeveless bodice, with hidden button closure.  Want more use out of this dress?! Try the bonus maxi dress at the end of the tutorial where we have included instructions for a paneled maxi length skirt with two zipper options – invisible and exposed.

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And before you even ask…yes, this pattern will come in bigger sizes.  Starting this year, Lil Luxe Collection will begin sizing patterns for tweens and adults

lil luxe maxi dress 2 lil luxe maxi dress 1

Whether you’re a novice or advanced seamstress, we’ve covered all the bases to bring you a beautiful dress with easy to follow instructions and options.  If you have trouble with pleats, follow the tutorial along with this video:

Here is a list of some of our favorite specialty fabric suppliers:

Fabric Empire

Big Z Fabric

BB Crafts

Little Tee Tee

Stylish Fabric

Mood Fabrics

Michael Levine

Harts Fabric

Silk Baron

Millinery Supply House (for Horsehair Braid)

Our testers really outdid themselves!!  Check out the amazing range of fabrics, color, photography and overall girly cuteness in these models!

lil luxe dress14 lil luxe dress 16 lil luxe dress 15 lil luxe dress 13 lil luxe dress 12 lil luxe dress 11 lil luxe dress 10 lil luxe dress 9 lil luxe dress 8 lil luxe dress 7 lil luxe dress 6 lil luxe dress 5 lil luxe dress 4 lil luxe dress 3 lil luxe dress 2 lil luxe dress 1


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