Sewing for Nani Iro Month - Sleeveless Rouche Division top pattern hack

June is Nani Iro Month over at Miss Matatabi.  For me this was the perfect excuse to finally buy some Japanese fabric that I’ve been ogling over forever!  I must admit this past week was a really good sewing week.  I was for once not pumping out a new design, testing it till no end.  I seriously almost always make 5-10 versions of each new design and by the end of the process I’m so sick of it and can practically sew it with my eyes closed!  So this week I took a break from design and sewed for fun…and I was lucky enough that the girls weren’t sick and were behaving themselves enough to let me sew

I’m not one to regularly order fabric online…honestly it makes me nervous!  I need to feel and drape fabric before deciding on it.  But I just had to get my hands on some Japanese fabric!!  I knew I would have to wait for fabric that was coming from overseas but I was pleasantly surprised to get my Nani Iro fabric from Miss Matatabi’s Etsy shop in just about a week and half.  YAY, I couldn’t wait to get started! The feel, look and design of the fabric put my sewing mojo on high and I knew exactly what I wanted to make.

Here we go…first up is a self drafted bodice with the City Girl Romper Flat front bloomers.  I used the flat front bloomers tutorial found here to make the bloomers.  Both of my girls although two years apart wear size 3t in Lil Luxe Collection Patterns.

FABRIC-  Bodice: Nani Iro Spectacle double gauze, Collar: golden leather from Joann fabrics.  Bloomers: pink and ivory cotton twill from

IMG_0104 copy rr2 RR1



Next is the Rouche and Division top paired with the capri length Slim Trousers.  Both of my girls are wearing a size 3t top, my youngest is in 3t trousers and my oldest is in 4t trousers.  Follow this post down to the bottom for a mini tutorial on how to make the Rouche and Division Top sleeveless

FABRIC- Top: Nani Iro Birds Eye double gauze for the main and Cotton and Steel XOXO in Aqua for the back panel. Trousers: purple stretch bottom weight fabric from Joann Fabrics, Zippers: Grey gold teeth exposed zippers from Zipper Island.

Nani Iron month5

rd6 rd5 rd4 rd2 rd1

I just LOVE the way these outfits came out…they’re definitely my FAVORITES!  This Japanese fabric is just to die for So soft, beautiful colors and a breeze to work with.

Here’s how I made the Rouche and Division top sleeveless.  I MADE NO CHANGES TO THE PATTERN!

Complete your bodice and neckline as specified in the tutorial.  Stop when you get the sleeves.

Step 1: Create a 1 inch facing for your arm openings.


Step 2: Sew with a 1/4″ seam allowance, then trim your seam allowance off.


Step 3: With right sides together, pin your side seams and sew a 1/2″ seam allowance.


Step 4: Pin your facing onto the inside of your bodice so that wrong sides are together and top stitch using a 3/8″ seam allowance.


And that’s it!  You have a perfect, sleeveless, modern swing top for the summer!

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