Santorini Dress Pattern Hack

By popular demand...the SANTORINI DRESS VERSION!
The dress modification is pretty easy.  There are many ways to turn this pattern into a dress but today I'm going to show you one easy way to turn the Santorini Sunsuit & Shorts into a dress using the bulk of the instructions from the original pattern.
First, you will need the pattern.  Purchase the Santorini Sunsuit & Shorts HERE.  I meant to have this done last week, but my daughter's birthday snuck up on me and I couldn't get it all done.  So for today and tomorrow only, use coupon code SANTORINI to get the Santorini Sunsuit & Shorts at 30% off!!  Coupon will expire on Friday, June 30, 2017 at midnight US Central Standard time. 
Without further is the dress modification:
Follow the tutorial on page 6, illustrations 1-6 to complete the bodice.

Skirt Length:  Fit the bodice on your model and decide the length of the dress.  Measure from 3/8" (1cm) above the raw edge of the bodice down to where you would like the skirt to hit, then add length for your hem allowance.
I sewed the 3t  bodice for my daughter (21" Chest, 41" Height) and decided on a 2" hem for the skirt.  My skirt length was 18" (hem and seam allowances included).  

Skirt Width: I usually do 2.5 times the width of the finished bodice to find the width of the skirt.  So for the 3t bodice: 21 (chest) x 2.5= 52.5.  Divide this number by two for your front and back skirt panels: 52.5/2=26.25, add seam allowance+ .75 (3/8" (1cm) for both skirt side edges) = 27.  
Final skirt measurements were 18" long by 27" wide.
For this method, you'll need to cut two more skirt panels by the same dimensions...or cut the second set a little shorter and have a peeking underskirt!

Right sides together, sew and finish the side seams for each set of skirts.

Press and sew the hems of the skirts.

Using the side panel pattern piece as a guide, mark 2 times the width of the pattern piece onto the skirt panel, from the side seam.  Repeat on opposite side.  This will now be your back skirt panel.  Repeat for second skirt.

Sew a set of gathering threads from notch to notch going toward and including the front skirt panel. Repeat for second skirt.

Follow the layer order and illustration instructions on page 8, illustration 12 making sure the front bodice is lined up with the front skirt panels and side seams are aligned.  The back skirt gathers should stop at the edge of the bodice side panels.  The bodice should be right sides together with the main skirt.  The underskirt should be wrong sides together with the bodice.  Once your layers are in order, sew around the entire circumference.

Follow illustrations 15-17 on page 8 for creating an elastic casing to complete your dress and Voila...easy peasy!

Don't you just love the graphic illustrations?!  This has become a standard illustration technique in Lil Luxe Collection tutorials and we thank Cotton + Steel for letting us use their surface patterns in our tutorials.  I love seeing the illustrations come to life when I've sewn the final garment with the actual fabric!  For this pattern hack i've used Rosa Peach quilting cotton from the Les Fleurs Collection.





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