Metropolitan Blouse & Dress - EASY Paperbag skirt hack

We're going to jump right into it!!  This skirt modification is so easy and such a cute addition to the many possibilities of what you can sew with the Metropolitan Blouse & Dress pattern.
All you need is the Metropolitan Blouse & Dress pattern, 1/2" non roll elastic and enough fabric to make just the skirt portion of the pattern.  Cut the length of the elastic to 1" shorter than the circumference of your model's waist.
Measure the length of the skirt pattern piece you plan on using based on your model's height.  Subtract 3.5" from the length measurement...this will be the approximate finished length of the skirt after hemming.  Before cutting, determine if this is an appropriate skirt length for your model then add or subtract length from the top of the skirt pattern to get your desired length.  I made the 4t for my daughter who is 42" tall and did not have to modify the pattern piece at all.
Follow illustrations 19-22 on page 9 of the tutorial
Next cut your fabric and follow illustrations 19-22 on page 9 of the tutorial to assemble your skirt.  I chose to continue the side seam of my skirt all the way up on illustration 22 (option A).
Adding Belt loops
Cut a strip of fabric that is 9.5" x 1.75" wide.
Right sides together, fold the fabric in half lengthwise.  Pin and sew the length of the belt loop using 3/8" (1cm) seam allowance.  Trim the seam allowance then turn right side out using a safety pin or turning device of choice.  Press the strip of fabric flat and cut into 4 equal segments.
Completing the skirt
With the skirt wrong sides out, fold and press the top 1/4" (6mm) toward the wrong side of the fabric followed by another 2" (5cm) fold.  
Turn right side out, press firmly and pin to hold the folds in place.  If you're adding belt loops, determine placement (I placed two on the back and front skirt panel, evenly spaced) and pin to the right side of the fabric along the bottom folded edge with the length of the belt loop extending toward the bottom of the skirt.  Sew along the bottom fold of the top of the skirt, leaving a 1" (2.5cm) gap. 
Press the belt loops upward then fold the top down and toward the underside of the belt loop by 3/8" (1cm), pin in place.  Sew a parallel seam 3/4" (2cm) above the first seam, making sure to top stitch over the folded belt loops.
Using a bodkin tool, guide the elastic through the opening of the casing on the inside of the skirt.  Secure the elastic edges together then finish the seam of the casing.
Finish off your skirt with a sash or add a cute belt!  If you're like me and have a hard time finding cute skinny belts in your child's size...make your own!  
I love how this skirt came out! I used Art Gallery denim fabric and rainbow thread for the stitching.  The Metropolitan Blouse is also made with Art Gallery Fabric from Bari J's newest collection, Wildbloom.  I'll be sharing more of what I made from this fabric collection soon but for now here are some of my pictures of the Metropolitan Blouse and Paperbag skirt.
This girl is just growing up way to fast!!

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  • Laurie

    Well as long as she keeps growing, you’ll keep making cute patterns for girls her age, that’s a plus for my granddaughter. Your patterns are so cute and right in fashion! The skirt hack is a great idea!

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