Marina Dress - Woven pattern hack

You asked and here it is...the ALL woven version of the Marina Dress!  With a few simple modifications to the MARINA DRESS PATTERN, you can make your knit bodice with woven fabrics too. 

Please note that the Marina Dress was tested as specified in the original pattern as a knit bodice with woven skirt.  I have made the 4t for the purpose of this tutorial, all other sizes have NOT been tested with a woven bodice.  Always remember to test your fit with a muslin or inexpensive fabric.

Step 1: Overlay your pattern piece onto a larger sheet of paper.  Add 3/8" (1cm) to the fold line of your bodice front. Also by this same amount, bring in the side curve toward the center of your bodice by following from the top of the curve downward as shown below.  Trace around the rest of your front bodice pattern and cut your new pattern piece.

Step 2: Add a hey hole back.  Mark 1" down (2.5cm) from your center back and draw a key hole cut out that is 2.25" (5.7cm) long.  I didn't want a big gap in the back of my bodice so I kept my key hole width pretty slender (approx. 1/2" wide so it would only open up to about 1" when unfolded).  When cutting your fabric you will be cutting the 1" at the top of your bodice back and around your key hole.  KEEP THE REST OF YOUR FABRIC ON FOLD, DO NOT CUT!

Follow the first illustration on page 6 of the tutorial.  When you get to illustration 2…sew around your neckline as illustrated with a 3/8″ SA as specified.  Insert a coordinating fabric loop or elastic loop between the layers of your bodice main and lining so that it is right next to your neckline seam, pin in place.  Sew down and around your keyhole with a 1/8″ seam allowance.  Don’t forget to clip the curves of your neckline for a smooth edge when turned right side out.

Follow the rest of the tutorial and you’ll have your Marina Dress in all woven fabrics!  We’re doing a butterfly themed outdoor party this year for her birthday so I went a little more whimsy with my pictures than I usually do by adding soft sun glows and butterflies and I must say I love how they turned out!! I used this floating petal double gauze Japanese fabric from Miss Matatabi’s shop on Etsy which she picked out as the fabric she wanted for her birthday dress but I was having a hard time matching the pink and yellow color with a knit fabric so being able to make this in all woven worked out perfectly.

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