Making it Fun! The great pattern hack challenge for Michael Miller Fabrics

(update) WaHoo! We won first place!  I’m beyond excited!!  Congrats to Kari and Paola too!  Read more about the prizes and contestants here.

You know I love a challenge!!  I’ve had this idea for a while and Making it fun – The Great Pattern Hack Challenge for Michael Miller Fabrics was just the push I needed to get it done…although I almost missed it!  I thought I had until next week to complete the challenge but nope due tomorrow; story of my life  I had taken these pictures last week when my husband was on vacation and we decided to do a bike ride along our beautiful Lake Michigan and have a picnic on the beach.  Isn’t the Chicago skyline just magnificent?!  I just love Chicago!  Unfortunately we forgot our Nikon so I had to make due with my iPhone. Not bad for a camera phone but I wish I could have gotten better pictures with our Nikon on that beautiful day.

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For this challenge all we had to do was use Michael Miller Fabrics and hack any pattern to make it into something new.  In other words take a pattern a change it slightly or drastically to make it your own.  Well I chose two of my own patterns to hack so they’re kinda my own already but here is how I changed them:

For the first part of my hack I used the Rural Romper bodice (Sorry, this pattern is no longer available!).

Rural Romper pdf pattern

I love the zipper front (or back zipper option) and racerback design.  Instead of a peter pan collar I drafted a hoodie to fit the neckline and added a small pocket to the front of the bodice.

For the next part of my hack…because it’s “cooler by the Lake,” I decided to add capris to this pattern rather than the culotte shorts or tiered skirt that are included in the Rural Romper pattern.  I used the pants from the City Girl Romper.


Since there’s no elastic on the Rural Romper, I didn’t need as much width on the pants that come with the City Girl Romper, so I took a bit off from the pattern sides and added darts to the back of the pants for a more fitted back.  Because she still needed some wiggle room, I left enough width for her to comfortably move in but added ties to side seam so we could bring the waist in a bit.  I added pockets to the sides and used a capri length to complete my Rural Girl meets City Girl look. It’s sporty, comfortable and came out just how I envisioned.  It was perfect for our family day in the city!

Now for the fabric info:  For the main fabric I used Michael Miller Graphyx North Star in Black and white, for the hood lining and for just a peek a boo of color, I used Michael Miller Cotton Couture solids in Cotton love pink.  Both were ordered from  I use Michael Miller fabrics pretty often because I love the graphic patterns and they’re a dream to work with.  These two fabrics were no different and they really made my vision become reality for what I was looking for in my garment.  The north star print reminds me of the twinkling lights of the city skyline.
MMGraphyx North Star Black

MM Cotton couture solid cotton love

Are you ready for picture overload!  While I like the pictures I took along the lakeside, this look deserved  better. So I took my chances with my crabby girl who pleasantly surprised me…

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