Lune Top & Dress - Sleeveless pattern hack & FREE angel wing download!

My eldest daughter is receiving her first communion this weekend so it's been pretty crazy around here getting everything prepared. The dress I made her is sublime! I'll share some photos after the event :) But...I couldn't forget my little one so I whipped up a Lune dress today. It's finally nearing 80 degree weather here which calls for a sleeveless dress!! My little angel has enjoyed reading the bible with her big sister and requested an angel dress for the event. I'd seen this idea on Pinterest where the angel wings attach to the buttons on the back of the dress...genius...and perfect for what I was looking for. Unfortunatley, all the links I clicked led to no where, spam and no pattern or tutorial. So I created my own and will share my pattern with you here today.

First things first, to make the sleeveless version of the Lune top and dress... you'll need the Lune top & dress pattern.

Follow illustrations 1 & 2. When you get to illustration 3, sew around the armscyes as well. Clip the curves and turn the bodice right side out by pulling the back of the bodice through the shoulder openings. Press.

Arrange the bodice so the front of the bodice is over the back of the bodice. Align the under arm seams. Flip the bodice main front and back away from the lining and join right sides together. Pin at the seam where the lining and main meet.  

Right sides together, sew the main front and back starting from the top edge of the main, down to the bottom edge of the lining. Press the seam open and repeat with other side.

Proceed through the Lune top & dress tutorial, skipping the sleeve instructions. Begin as instructed in illustration 17 to attach the skirt.

We're all coordinating in black and white for the communion. I was lucky enough to find this fabric at Joann's today and in my daughter's favorite flower...a daisy :) I love how it turned out and so did she!

Now for the angel wings!

Download a copy of the Lil Angel Wings for Free by adding them to your cart then follow the instructions below.

Step 1: Place your fabric in the following order - Batting, main pieces right sides together.

Step 2: pin and sew around the wings with a 1/4" seam allowance leaving a 2" opening along the straightest edge of the wings. Clip the curved edges, then turn right side out and press making sure to tuck in the unsewn raw edge so that it follows the curve of the wing. When turning right side out, make sure the batting is in sandwiched between the two main pieces.

Step 3: Top stitch close to the outside edge of the wings so that the opening is stitched closed. Stitch another side by side seam and add a button hole to the center of the wings.

Attach to the back of your Lune top or dress!! Don't forget to tag your Lil Angel Wings so we can see your creations!!  


Happy Sewing!




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