(update) WOOHOO!! I was the Winner for Best Pocket!!!

The Ishi Dress…at first I was a little uninspired on how I wanted this dress to look. So I turned to my go to for inspiration – Pinterest!  I came across this image.  You can click on the image for the source…it leads to to a page with lots of foreign wording that i don’t understand :/

Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 8.26.36 PM


Anyway…I thought layered tulle would be perfect for the big side pockets on the Ishi Dress.  Next I had to decide on fabric.  I spent countless hours searching for fabric that would complement the layered tulle pocket idea but nothing  So I decided to keep it simple and use a plain white cotton couture fabric with a little bit of sheen that I had in my stash.  The sheen and softness of the fabric alone had me quite impressed.  This led me to another lightbulb going off in my head.  I remembered the meaning of “Ishi” that An stated in the pattern (which can be purchased here). Ishi means rock in Japanese – then I remembered Tasha from Glitter+Wit’s Sew in Tune look with all the pretty rhinestones she used to imitate Taylor Swift’s outfit in the Blank Space video and YES! I knew what I was going to do!  I contemplated adding piping to the princess seams but my moto is always will be LESS IS MORE! Here’s what I came up with.

Pattern: Ishi Dress by Straightgrain Patterns (I used the back zipper option and short sleeves)

Fabric: White cotton couture for the dress. Blue, pink, yellow and green mesh for the pockets. Faux rhinestones around the neckline.




To prepare my pocket for sewing, I used the slanted pocket pattern as a guide for my mesh pockets.  I only used one layer of white fabric for my pocket, added seam allowance and hemmed the top.  Next I folded the mesh and laid them in an angled array over the white slanted pocket.  Folding each colored mesh not only made the colors stand out more but I arranged them in a way so that the folded edges ran off the sides so that I had no hemming to do on the front side of the pocket (as shown in my inspiration pic above). To finish it off I added a few rhinestones for some added bling, which helped hold the mesh pieces together (not that they were flying apart) and it also created some division in the mesh layers. The left and right pocket are different from each other which was intentional and I just love it!

ishi3 ishi2

I used a tiny bit of tacky glue to set the stones in place, then hand stitched them down before adding the sleeves.  The lining on the inside of the dress (which is only around the neckline and gets sewn into the sleeves) covers all my knots and threads from sewing the rhinestones


My girls really work hard and give me their patience with all the photos I take of them so I try to make it fun.  It’s usually me making funny faces or sometimes we get creative with balloons or feathers and when the weather is nice we’ll find a nice park or building but today we used bubbles.  Sadly you can barely see them in the pictures so I brushed them in in Photoshop and pulled back the camera so you could see my assistant perched on top of one of my cabinets  We had fun and no one got hurt or fell in the making of these photos, lol.


I was really hoping the bubbles would show up in the photos but they looked too fake when I color brushed them in…I just did the last one for fun  Lastly, since the girls were in a playful cooperative mood, I decided to take advantage and have a bit of fun with the camera effects setting.

I hope you loved my Ishi Dress!  It’s a quick pattern with plenty of options and wonderfully written.




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