City Girl Romper pattern hack - Flat Front Bloomers

How cute are these flat front bloomers?!  And the crop top?!  I LOVE how this came together!!  I was inspired by my friend Ashley’s look for STYLO Magazine Issue 4 and I just had to create something similar for my little fashion diva!  See more by my friend Ashley on her blog Sewing Sober and check out STYLO Magazine Issue 4  to see if you can spot more looks using patterns by Lil Luxe Collection.

I also have to thank my friend Angie from Edith and Eloise for her bunny rabbit scraps  You may recall seeing it when she wrote her review here for the Hideaway Hoodie pattern.  Unfortunately the fabric was no longer available from the designer but I was lucky enough that Angie generously offered her left overs and I was able to create this crop top and head band

cgr tutorial2cgr tutorial1cgr tutorial3

Let’s get started!  Today I’m going to walk you through how to make these bloomers using the City Girl Romper separates pattern.  You will need the pattern and you will need the tutorial for a few of the steps.  I used the Alley Cat Romper pattern to make the crop top.

flat front bloomers tutorial1

Step 1: Cut your sunsuit length from the pattern.  For waist length bloomers cut 2″ from the top of your pattern or keep the height for high waisted bloomers.

flat front bloomers tutorial2flat front bloomers tutorial5

Step 2: Transfer your pleat markings from the pattern onto the right side of your fabric.  Add an additional pleat marking to the top of your front pattern pieces right in the middle. Press and sew along your pleats as directed on the tutorial (pg.7). For the top pleats, sew 2cm away from the folded edge, 3″ down.

flat front bloomers tutorial4flat front bloomers tutorial6

Step 3: Follow illustrations 1, 2 and 5 on page 8 on the tutorial to construct your bloomers.  Make sure you fold your edge along the bottom curve to get the correct look of the pleats.

flat front bloomers tutorial7

Step 4: Hem your bottoms by following the instructions on the tutorial (pg. 9).


Step 5: Finish the top edge of your bloomers. Fold the top of your bloomers to the inside so that wrong sides are together, 1.5″ down and press.

flat front bloomers tutorial8

Step 6: To create a casing for your elastic sew 1.25″ from your folded edge.  Sew straight across your front but leave a 1.5″ gap on the left and right sides of your back.  To get the length of elastic you will need – measure your child’s waist, divide by two and take off an inch.  Secure a safety pin to one side of your elastic.  Use the safety pin to guide your elastic through the casing.

flat front bloomers tutorial9

Step 7: Secure the elastic side without the safety pin, by stitching down along your side seam.  You’ll need to push a bit of the elastic past the seam, toward the front of your bloomers to make sure you catch it in the side seam when securing it down.  Next pull the safety pin out from the opposite opening, remove the pin and push your elastic  back into the casing and push it toward the front (as you did on the other side) and stitch it down to your side seam.  Continue your seam on the back sides to close the gaps.

flat front bloomers tutorial10

Now you have these adorable Flat front bloomers!!

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