DIY Sequin Slim Trousers

DIY Sequin Slim Trousers

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As if the Slim Trousers weren't already super cool with their slim design and zippered sides... now you can make your own SEQUIN slim trousers! Flip sequins are all the rage for my girls and so popular in the stores right now. My youngest in particular loves anything sparkly so when I showed her this picture from Pinterest, she just had to have a pair.

I barely had them off my sewing machine and she was off to try them on and play with the sequins. I'm sure she'll be requesting a fur vest soon enough too!

...if you're a knitter, here's a link to the pattern I used to make this super cute poncho: MANDY PONCHO

I started out picking each sequin from the seam allowance as suggested by so many blogs, (If you're looking for a really good post on sewing with sequins, check out this one) but I quickly lost my patience and decided to just layer them between the trouser front/back and pray that it didn't break my sewing machine...eek!

If you do decide to do it this way... Clear at least 1/2" from the seam allowance. Turn the sequin fabric on the back side and remove the stitches from the seam allowance to make it a little easier to remove the sequins.

Before beginning, a couple notes:

  1. Size up because you'll want to use a 1/2" seam allowance rather than the 3/8" that's included in the pattern.
  2. Cut the bottom of the sequin layer at the pattern cut line.
  3. Cut your main fabric layer 3" past the pattern cut line. This will give you a 1.5" cuff. If you want a bigger cuff, decide how tall you want the cuff and add twice that amount past the pattern cut line.
  4. I used a denim needle because I was sewing with denim and I wanted to make sure my needle would be strong enough to sew through the layers. Be sure to use a NEW needle!

Sew the pattern as directed in the tutorial using my "cheater method" for sewing the seams...

Overlay the sequins onto the right side of the pant front. Place the pant back right sides together with the sequins so that the sequins are sandwiched between the layers.

Sew with a 1/2" seam allowance!

Trim the seam allowance of the sequin layer.

Finish the edge. Voila, it's that easy and my machine didn't break ;)

Finish the hem of the pant, then flip it to the INSIDE so that the edge is about level with the edge of the sequin. Sew in place.

Fold the hem up to create the cuff. I love doing cuffs with this method because you don't see the inside seams on the cuff when folded up.



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