DIY Mod Podge Shoes tutorial

Did you catch a glimpse of my sassy girl's shoes from the last post?!

I wanted to do something a little unexpected with the left over pieces of fabric I had from the Wildbloom fabric collection from Art Gallery.  Inspired by some trendy floral Vans shoes...I decided to create my own version.  

Supplies needed:

Mod Podge...I used the one made for fabric which is a waterbase sealer, glue and finish.

An expensive pair of shoes.  I bought a $5 pair from Wal-Mart.

A brush to apply the Mod Podge.

A sharp X-Acto knife. 

One to two Fat quarters of fabric depending on how big your shoes are & scissors to cut the fabric.

The whole process takes about an hour to complete plus overnight drying time.

First remove any bows or extra pieces that stick out from the shoes.  I removed the bow and the loop on the top back of the shoes.

Next lay a rectangular piece of fabric that is big enough to cover the entire shoe on top and cut a slit down the middle, stopping about 1/2" before the front scoop of the shoe.  

Set your fabric aside and generously apply the mod podge to the front toe of the shoe.

Place the fabric back onto the shoe.  Using your fingers, smooth the fabric so it stretches and forms around the contours of the shoe and so there is no puckering.  At this point, don't worry about the fabric overhanging the side of the shoe.

Continue applying the Mod Podge over the sides of the shoe, stretching the fabric toward the back...smoothing it down in the same manner as before.

When you get to the heel of the shoe, lay one side of the fabric flat against the shoe.  Fold the other side of the fabric so the fold is centered along the back heel of the shoe so that the raw edge is concealed.  Apply the Mod Podge over the flat fabric piece and overlay the folded piece on top.

Cut a few slits into the fabric near the front curve of the shoe. Trim around the inside so you have approximately 1/2" of fabric along the top. Apply Mod Podge to the wrong side of the fabric then fold the fabric toward the inside of the shoe.

Using an X-Acto knife, trim off the excess fabric around the whole shoe, getting as close as you can to the sole of the shoe.

Lastly, cover the entire shoe with a final coat of Mod Podge to seal in place.  Rest assured the white color of the Mod Podge will dry clear!  Set aside to dry and repeat with other shoe!  

Because my shoes were black and I was using a light colored fabric to cover the shoe, I decided to add an extra layer of fabric to mine so that you couldn't see the black coming through the first layer of fabric.

I let my shoes dry overnight before flipping the elastic back to the top and sewing a new bow onto the strap.

I love how they came out and they looked super cute with her outfit!  She was able to wear her custom shoes during the summer and even on some rainy days as the seasons changed.  My girl's feet are growing at a ridiculous speed so I'll definitely be transforming some more $5 Wal-Mart shoes next summer ;) 


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