City Girl Romper Ruffled Peplum Top hack

It's been a crazy year and now that it's half way through, lol...I'm finally starting to get back to our regularly scheduled program! FRIDAY FIVER IS BACK and this month's featured pattern is the City Girl Romper. It's an oldie but a goodie!!

Shown above and below with...

Now for the easy peasy hack!

This hack was so simple, quick and completely gave this'ol pattern a new look!! All you need is a couple yards of 1" trim and 3/8" non-roll elastic. I got this minty velvet trim from Hobby Lobby which color matched perfectly with the fabric I chose for the Papillon Shorties.

  1. Cut the bodice lining and main, adding 4-3/8" extra length onto the MAIN ONLY.
  2. Measure the neckline, then cut a strip of fabric 3" wide and 2 times the length of the neckline.

I omitted the back ties but you can certainly add them in! Because I left the ties out I raised the back a little, however, this made the top slightly harder for my older daughter to get on (but not impossible), so her little sister lucked out with a new outfit! And actually it worked out because my oldest also outgrew the Mini Melissa Cat shoes I had intended to photograph the outfit with ;) Next time I'll make her size, without modifying the back and keep the ties.

Create the neckline ruffle!

  1. Fold the neckline ruffle so that WRONG sides are together. Pin and sew the short edge with a 1/8" Seam allowance. Flip along the seam and refold so that RIGHT sides are together, press and sew along the same side but this time with a 1/4" seam allowance to create a french seam. Alternatively, you can hem each edge by folding the edges 1/4" followed by a 3/8" fold onto the wrong side of the fabric, as shown in my pictures. I aligned these edges with the back of my neckline.
  2. Hem one side of the loop (or long edge if you've hemmed both side edges), by folding the edge 1/4" followed by a 3/8" fold onto the wrong side of the fabric. Press!
  3. Sew a set of gathering stitches along the opposite hemmed edge. Gather to fit the neckline.

Assemble the bodice main and lining according to the tutorial (illustrations 1-9). When you get to illustration 3, follow the directions for adding trim (The ruffle is your trim) between the bodice and lining layers... make sure your ruffle is right sides together with the main!

Create the peplum!

  1. Hem the main by folding the edge 3/8" followed by a 1" fold onto the wrong side of the fabric.
  2. Measure the circumference of the bottom of the main, add seam allowance and use this measurement to cut your 1" trim.
  3. Fold the trim right sides together and sew the short edge to create your trim loop. Press the seam allowance open.
  4. Slide the trim loop onto the bottom of the bodice aligning the seam with one of the bodice side seams. Feeling through the layers, align the bottom of the trim with the edge of the lining (approx. 3" above the hemmed edge of the main). Use lots of pins to pin the layers in place. Sewing through all layers should secure the lining to the main so it doesn't flip around on the inside of the bodice.
  5. Top stitch along the top and bottom of the trim leaving a 1" opening on one side.
  6. Cut a length of elastic using the chart in the tutorial for your child's waist measurement. Guide the elastic through the casing created by the trim. Once the elastic exits the opposite side, secure the elastic edges together, allow the elastic to retract into the casing, then finish the top stitch seam.

That's it!! If you have any extra trim, make cute bow and add it to the ruffle :)

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