Camela collared knit cardigan pattern hack

We sincerely hope everyone is staying safe, healthy and getting some sewing done! It's been quite the balance adjusting to the kids being home and "homeschooling" them while trying to get some work in but we're staying positive and just happy that we are home and healthy.

I'll be working on pattern hacks so you can get the most out of your patterns so be on the lookout!! Silver lining to all of this...I don't have to wait for the girls to get home from school to take pictures as we race against daylight and weather, lol. We had a nice day so we took these pictures in our yard and stayed outside for a bit to enjoy the fresh air. Another plus I must say, is that mornings have been less stressful without an argument over getting up, brushing teeth/hair, getting dressed and out the door in a rush to the bus stop!


The Camela top and jacket is this month's First Friday Fiver sale pattern. Get it now, no coupon code necessary....just watch the countdown because this sale ends April 4, 2020 at 11am US central time! You'll need the Camela for this collared knit cardigan pattern hack.

Flash sale ends in...


I already love the Camela top and jacket pattern but this knit version has me so excited for more options! It's so super quick and easy, you're gonna love it too and here's why:

  • Half the pattern pieces
  • Quick serged edges
  • Only one alteration to the front bodice for buttons
  • No need to size down
  • Adding the collar pattern is just cutting a rectangle!

...and now lets get this hack started!

  1. Use the jacket version of the pattern and add 1-3/8" to the front bodice center, Cut at the main length. You can add length to the bottom of the bodice if desired. If you do, don't forget to add to the back bodice also. Cut a pair of sleeves at the long sleeve length and cut the cuffs.
  2. Assemble the bodice (illustrations 1-3) as described in the tutorial. Finish your raw edges by serger.
  3. Insert the cuff into the sleeve so that right sides are together. Align the raw edges and seams, then pin and sew by gently easing the cuff onto the sleeve edge. Finish the raw edge.


  1. Measure around the neckline starting/stopping 1" from the front edges. Be careful not to stretch the neckline as you do this or your collar will end up too long. Cut a rectangle with the stretch going across the length of the rectangle, by this amount and 7" tall. Note: I did not add knit interfacing to the collar because I liked the rounded edge on my collar that was created by the weight of the fabric but if you want a "crisper" edge, you may apply interfacing to the wrong side of the collar before sewing.
  2. Fold the collar height in half so that right sides are together. Pin and sew the short sides. Clip the corner and turn right side out. Mark the center back of the collar.
  3. Center the collar with the back bodice neckline. Pin and sew the collar onto the neckline stopping 1-3/8" from the front bodice edges.
  4. Finish the raw edge then press the seam allowance and top stitch in place.


  1. Finish the bottom edge of the bodice.
  2. Press the bottom 1" toward the inside of the bodice and stitch in place.
  3. Cut two 1" strips of knit interfacing the length of the front bodice. Apply along the front bodice edges, on the wrong side of the fabric, 3/8" from the front raw edges.
  4. Press the front bodice edges 3/8" followed by a 1" fold toward the inside of the bodice and stitch in place.
  5. Complete your new collared knit cardigan by adding buttons and DONE!


And if you love this skirt, i'll have a hack using the Rumble tumble cargo skirts posted by the end of the month!

These are the patterns I used to complete this look

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