Good afternoon Lil Luxe Fans!

We had our regular First Friday post pre-scheduled yesterday but I had to take it down due to some technical issues going on with the site. I got a few emails and saw some posts while I was working on the issue so I just wanted to let everyone know on our main Facebook sewing group as well as here on the site that I’m working to get it fixed and will re-announce the sale, hopefully sometime next week.

Next and most importantly...

Lil Luxe Collection supports Black Lives Matter. This is a moment in history that will be highly dependent on individuals and organizations within it to help bring real change. As an individual, I’m personally taking the time to read and learn how I can personally contribute to helping this cause in a real way. As a Latina woman of color, with a very diverse/mixed family, I feel great sadness for the amount of racism that is still going on in the world. A paragraph is not enough to express my feelings. Please know that Lil Luxe Collection stands and supports the cause!  

We presently

  • support Black Makers Matter on Instagram.
  • work with a diverse group of pattern testers.
  • will only work with sponsors who also support Black Lives Matter and have publicly stated their support.

We are a small company of ONE, (lol) but as we continue to grow we want you to know that we will continue to support black makers, continue to have a diverse group of testers, continue education on anti-racism and as we expand our team in the coming years, we will be sure they are committed to our pledge as well. Lil Luxe Collection is committed to long-term, ongoing change and will continue on our path toward anti-racism.

In case you are wondering where I have been...

In addition to the challenges our country has been experiencing, I’ve experienced personal events that have kept me from commenting and posting as frequently as I normally do. My family lost two very strong, amazing women who I was very close to in my life. Their deaths were a week apart, one from cancer and one form COVID. I have taken this time to reflect and spend time with my family. I’ve cried, I’ve been scared, angry, and baffled. I’ve held my daughters close as we’ve had difficult conversations to prepare them for the world around them and the circle of life. It’s been a difficult time to say the least and life just hasn't felt the same.  I feel a great loss in my heart and life but am trying to find the will to keep going. I can and I will, but I can't say it's been easy.

Seeing all your posts with your Lil Luxe creations has helped. The smiles on your littles in their lil luxe outfits, warms my heart and gives me strength to continue designing. I have many great things I'm planing for Lil Luxe that will be rolled out in the coming year. Please be patient as we make our way through the following weeks. Emails, file requests, and web contact forms will be answered, but may not be as quickly as I have in the past.

Thank you for your patience and continued support for Lil Luxe Collection patterns. Please take care of yourselves and one another.




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