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Rouche Division Tester Round up & Giveaway!

rouche division tester round up

Check out our NEW TESTER ROUND UP LAYOUT featuring the Rouche Division Top & Dress and read our tester testimonials!  Leave us a comment below for a chance to win a free single pdf pattern from us!  Winner will be emailed on Monday, April 3.  Get the Rouche Division Top & Dress on sale for 50% off until Friday, March 31 midnight US central standard time.

**Update** Chelsea, you’re our random winner! Please check your email and thanks for being a Lil Luxe fan!! XOXO

The Rouche Division was updated on 3/27/2017 with an added dress length, new size chart cohesive with our current sizing (18m-10), graphic illustrations in the tutorial, and a print shop file.

If you purchased the original Rouche Division on the LIL LUXE WEBSITE, please check your email (spam/junk folder) for your free automatic update! 
If you purchased on ETSY… as stated before…It seems as though files CAN NOT be automatically updated for previous buyers and I CAN NOT populate a list of email addresses for purchases of a certain product according to their seller terms. For this reason we encourage you to purchase from our website. The pattern will be listed at 50% off until 3/31/17 if you would like to purchase the updated version. If not, the version purchased on Etsy is still valid and will work.

11 thoughts on “Rouche Division Tester Round up & Giveaway!

  1. I love the black and white top!

  2. Looks great! I love the new layout, it’s so easy to scroll, on mobile, or desktop!

  3. I love all of your Pattern. . Love your style. . Great work😘
    Greetings from the Black Forrest /Germany ❤

  4. Thanks for the round up! It helps to see a variety of versions :)

  5. This roundup is great! I especially love how you have listed the difficulty level along with the average time it takes to sew the pattern up. With two girls it’s so nice to have an idea of how long it will take to create my next masterpiece =)

  6. I love the new layout! So easy to navigate! All such beautiful versions!

  7. I truly need this in my life! Love your patterns

  8. Oh my goodness, I just bought my first LLC pattern today (the alley cat romper.) How did I miss this? Its sooooo adorable! My girls would love it. Eek!

  9. I love this dress! =D

    It´s a unique style.

  10. Perfect for my nieces, 3t and 7t. Can wait to do it.

  11. I’m totally crushing on the Rouche – business at the front, party at the back!

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