Printing and Assembling Patterns


Lil Luxe Collection Pattern and Tutorials are designed to be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader.  You can download a free version here:

Printing pattern pieces on a home printer

Choose the print file named “xxx_HP-PATTERN xxx”

Mobile devices, although compatible with Adobe Reader, will not display your pattern properly. Also, please note that you do not have the “print layer option” on your mobile device.  Please view and print your pattern from a computer for a detailed views and print options.  Home printer pattern files are designed to be printed on either US letter or A4 paper.

If you are having problems printing here are some tips on troubleshooting: check your print preview to make sure the lines are showing up there, make sure you has the latest version of adobe, check your computer for updates, and check your print cartridges.

When preparing paper pattern pieces be sure to follow pattern symbols & cutting instructions. Your pattern will print on multiple pages and will lay in numerical order, starting with 1, reading left to right. Use the scissor symbol as a guide for matching pattern pieces.  You may also trim along the dashed line marked with the scissor symbol but it is not necessary for all pattern pages.

Printing pattern pieces at a Print Shop

Choose the print file named “xxx_PS-PATTERN xxx”

Print shop files are layed out for large format printers using a 36” paper roll.  ALL print shop files are 36” (91.44cm) wide by “x” length.  Exact dimensions of your pattern file is on the pdf.  No Scaling is required – be sure to print your pattern pieces at 100% with correct orientation.