Hours of Operation

Lil Luxe Collection is located in the USA, Central standard time zone.

For specific questions and inquiries please email info@lilluxecollection.com

Emails will be responded to as soon as possible.  Many tags/messages get lost or end up in an others folder on Facebook and other social medias, therefore I will ONLY CHECK EMAIL MESSAGES.  Please DO NOT private message me on Facebook or send me conversations on Etsy.

I run Lil Luxe Collection alone.  As a full time mom of two little girls, running two 24 hour jobs can be overwhelming.   But I love to design and I love to see everyone’s lovely creations made from Lil Luxe Patterns so I will continue to design as long as time and patience permits.  I will try my best to answer emails within 24-48 hours.  Because of the time difference between the US and other countries, you may not receive a response from me within the time frame specified.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Please consider joining the Lil Luxe Group on Facebook.  Our 4.5k+ group has many talented seamstresses and Lil Luxe pattern vets around the world who are available for help, support and encouragement!