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Top Stitchers Season 3 Bacon Ice Cream OTT look

Lil Luxe Collection by Jessica Bustos

Bacon Ice Cream…say wha?! Kim and I were challenged to create a look that combined two completely unexpected sewing ingredients – meaning to put together distinct fashion influences, fabrics types, and/or sewing techniques that form an explosive feast for the eyes to enjoy…in other words, it ALSO had to be over the top (OTT).  Talk about a challenge!!  See what I made below and check out my competitors look and leave us your rating on the Top Stitchers website (AKA the Sewing Stadium).
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Top Stitchers Season 3 Interview with Kimmie Sew Crazy

Top Stitchers

I am super excited to part of Top Stitchers this season!!

You know I love me a competition…although this season it’s more of a friendly face off with another seamstress but still the Over the top “Bacon Ice Cream” prompt has my head spinning and my creative juices on FIRE which is what I love about competing.  I never look at competitions on how to beat my opponents.  To me, it’s more like: how can I push myself to do something different? or what can I make that I haven’t made before?  I’ve already gone shopping for fabric and have a general idea of what I’m going to do but October 20th (the date our challenge garments are revealed) is still a long way away and I’m sure i’ll change my mind by then 😉

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Making it Fun! The great pattern hack challenge for Michael Miller Fabrics

great pattern hack challenge 10

(update) WaHoo! We won first place!  I’m beyond excited!!  Congrats to Kari and Paola too!  Read more about the prizes and contestants here.

You know I love a challenge!!  I’ve had this idea for a while and Making it fun – The Great Pattern Hack Challenge for Michael Miller Fabrics was just the push I needed to get it done…although I almost missed it!  I thought I had until next week to complete the challenge but nope due tomorrow; story of my life :)  I had taken these pictures last week when my husband was on vacation and we decided to do a bike ride along our beautiful Lake Michigan and have a picnic on the beach.  Isn’t the Chicago skyline just magnificent?!  I just love Chicago!  Unfortunately we forgot our Nikon so I had to make due with my iPhone. Not bad for a camera phone but I wish I could have gotten better pictures with our Nikon on that beautiful day.
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(update) WOOHOO!! I was the Winner for Best Pocket!!!

The Ishi Dress…at first I was a little uninspired on how I wanted this dress to look. So I turned to my go to for inspiration – Pinterest!  I came across this image.  You can click on the image for the source…it leads to to a page with lots of foreign wording that i don’t understand :/
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Over the Top Challenge


(update) WOOHOO!! I was the First Place Winner!!!

When I saw Pattern Revolution’s Over the top Challenge, I couldn’t help myself but to want to participate even though I was in the middle of my Holiday blog tour and had already sewn two of every pattern I’ve designed this year.  I work well under pressure, so finished up all my sewing, drafted the rest of my blogs for the tour and got to thinking about what I would do for my Over the Top Look.
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