Account Management & Updates


Upon checkout you will be prompted to create an account.  Your default username will be the email you use to check out with.  Your account will hold all your pattern purchases so that your files will be available for you to download at any time.  Previous purchases made WITHOUT AN ACCOUNT, will not show in your account should you chose to make an account.

Free pattern updates or add ons (sleeve adds for example) are ONLY available for purchases made on the Lil Luxe website WITH AN ACCOUNT.  Pattern updates are automatically available for download from your lil luxe account page.  Unless there is an error in the pattern (in which case I will notify purchasers) pattern updates generally will be minor changes in layout, color, etc. – your original pattern purchase is still valid and will work if you choose not to download the new pattern from your account.

PURCHASES MADE ON ETSY…  files CAN NOT be automatically updated for previous buyers and I CAN NOT populate a list of email addresses for purchases of a certain product according to their seller terms. For this reason we encourage you to purchase from our website.  Free updates will not be granted for patterns purchased on ETSY.