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Hi! I’m  Jess. I’m a stay at home mom, raising two beautiful little girls who together with my husband have inspired me to follow my dreams and create Lil Luxe Collection.

In college I took classes in Graphic and Fashion Design but my degrees are in Architecture and Interior Design.   The birth of my first daughter during the second year of my Masters took me into a whirl of change.  Becoming a mother and changing directions in my career plans to be a stay at home mom was a bit of a shock but without having done so, I wouldn’t be where I am today.  I started Lil Luxe Collection in 2014 two years after the birth of my second daughter using the little bit of fashion design knowledge I received from school and combined it with my architectural design knowledge in drafting and graphic design to fuel my creative soul that was buried under diapers and bottles.  Having sewn since I was nine and two beautiful little girls as my muse, I quickly got back to my passion of design and construction only I wouldn’t be designing interiors or buildings anymore…this would be a new venture. And so I created Lil Luxe Collection, modern sewing patterns with couture details.

I get inspiration not only from my two sassy girls but also from the gorgeous city I live in, Chicago. I love the architecture and social atmosphere here.  Lil Luxe Collection sewing patterns are multifunctional, easy wearing clothes that can be dressed up or down to fit many occasions.  Urban Princess is a phrase that comes to mind.  I love seeing the outcome from something that started in my head to something I can touch but more than anything else I love seeing my garments come alive through the dance of my little girls and the smiles on their faces. I pour my heart and soul into everything I do…I have fire and drive and can’t wait to see what will become of Lil Luxe Collection in the years to come.  Thanks for stopping by!




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  1. Great inspirational story. Love your modern styles for little girls, help me sew for my grand daughters and stay on top of what they like in modern designs.

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