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Olivia 5.0 – Sew ‘n Style Series

olivia 5.0 sew n style series

It’s time to reveal the collection Olivia put together, titled … Olivia 5.o!

I asked her what she wanted to name her collection and she said Olivia is 5. So I finessed the name a little by adding a little Chanel no.5 inspiration to it.

Before we get started with the post, I wanted to clarify a little bit about the series.  Your collection does not have all be sewn from scratch!  Out of the seven outfits featured in my collection, 4 were new sews, 2 were garments i’d previously made but fit with my color story and the last is my winning look from the Great pattern hack challenge that I decided to throw in because it fit with the collection color story and theme.  The minimum for the series contest was to SEW AND CREATE a 3 piece collection with half of your garments made from a lil luxe pattern.  So if you make 3 dresses 2 of the 3 would need to LLC or the third one could be a mash up. If you make three separate outfits (tops & bottoms) 3 of your 6 pieces would be LLC.   So let’s get started!!

We hope you’ve been following along with the posts to help you put your collection together but in case you’ve missed them I’ll do a little picture recap here and end with all the collection pieces for Olivia 5.0.  Click on the pink link to be directed to the post.

JOIN the series and add your collection to our virtual Runway!!! It’s not too late to join…the deadline is September 30 at midnight US central standard time.

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Introduction to the Sew ‘N Style series

Sew n Style

Exploring shapes and silhouettes

Sew n StyleSilhouettes

Creating a theme

Sew n Style themes

Building a color story

Sew n Style color story

Exploring solids and prints  Sourcing fabric and patterns  Planning your pieces

Sew n Style fabrics

Accessorizing and photographing your model



And now Olivia 5.0!!!

This entire collection was put together by me and my five your old.  She picked out all the fabrics that she wanted, then I decided what pattern they would be suitable for and created a collection that met her every day life and personality.  OLIVIA IS MY CLONE! Literally she is.  She looks just like me when I was a little girl and she has my same sass, attitude and personality :)  When I describe her I feel like I’m describing myself and when I describe my other younger daughter I feel like I’m describing my sister…funny how that happens!  My mom thinks it’s hilarious watching me parent my girls; “My how the tables have turned,” she says.  Apparently apples don’t fall far from their trees because I’m a lot like my mom too and she just laughs at me when she sees time repeating itself.

mini me

I’ll start with my favorite because it really is a show stopper :)  Olivia the shopaholic!  This is the Alley Cat Romper Maxi dress in Voile.  I love this print and this fabric was perfect for our summer shopping adventures – I am a shopaholic and have created two shopping monsters, lol!  Unfortunately the print is no longer available…I should have gotten more.  It was a dream to sew with.  She accessorized her dress with her favorite black floppy hat and handmade necklace made by us.  I did have to modify the pattern quite a bit and add a zipper to get it to work how I wanted it to for a woven fabric.  But don’t worry, I’m taking the guess work out for you and have drafted a woven version of this dress in a new pattern coming soon! And yes, it will also have a long sleeve or sleeveless option :)  I wish I could have gotten pictures of us shopping in this dress but the wrinkles in the dress created by the heat and her car seat were unsightly :( I’m temped to drive around everywhere with a hand held steamer just for this reason, lol.

Alley cat maxi dress 2Alley cat maxi dress 4Alley cat maxi dress 3Alley cat maxi dress

Next is Olivia the naturist.  She loves all animals and insects.  She has eyes like a hawk and can spot a tiny frog in the grass from 10 feet away!  Here we are at the butterfly museum wearing the Rouche and Division top paired with the City Girl Romper Flat front bloomers, her tan floppy hat and fringe sandals.  The top is made from woven fabrics from Joann’s but it can also be made in knit fabrics.

rouche division top 3 rouche division top 2 rouche division top 1rouche division top flat front bloomers

Olivia the Romantic.  This picture was taken after a quick walk through the zoo and picnic in the park.  I hardly got any pictures this day mostly because it was a family day and I was trying not to be on social media while we spent this beautiful day in our city but I did manage one good one picture :)  She’s wearing the Starlight City dress made with Wee Wander Fabric from Michael Miller.  Shoes are from The Gap, purse is from Charming Charlee.

Starlight city dress 3Starlight city dress 2 Starlight city dress 1

Olivia the big sister.  She loves her little sister…always taking care of her and thinking of her before she thinks of herself.  Here they are at the pond by our house :)  It doesn’t really have lily pads and flowers, I photoshopped them in because I was in an editing mood.  Turned out ok, but I probably could have done better. This is the City girl romper cuffed shorts version paired with her favorite fringe purse, floppy hat and fringe sandals.  Gingham fabric is from Fabric.comCity girl romper 5city girl romper 3 city girl romper 4City girl romper 1
Olivia the crafter.  As I said before, Olivia is my clone or my mini me as I like to call her.  She loves being a part of everything I do and is usually right next to me sewing  buttons, helping me rip seams, or designing a new dress for me to make her :)  Here we are making jewelry in her Alley Cat romper.  This is her favorite outfit to wear at home because it’s so comfy and “loungy” perfect for making necklaces and chatting about life.  I love this fabric too but unfortunately it’s from last season at Joann’s and you can’t buy it anymore but this time I did buy enough to save in my stash!

alley cat romper 4 alley cat romper 3 Alley cat romper 2 Alley cat romper 1

Olivia the athlete.  She’s been dribbling a soccer ball since she was two, swimming in the pool since she was 6 months and her skills just keep on growing and developing.  She’s a natural just like me :)  I swam in state competitions and played soccer all through high school.  Here we are playing kickball in our yard.  The concept of this game did not stick – instead of running the bases, they had me chasing them around the whole yard before getting back to home plate.  Needless to say, I got quite the work out this day!  She’s wearing her favorite Jordans with her Peek a boo hoodie and City girl romper flat front bloomers.  The hoodie is made with this vintage pale pink French terry.

peek a boo hoodie flat front bloomers 4 peek a boo hoodie flat front bloomers 2 peek a boo hoodie flat front bloomers 3peek a boo hoodie flat front bloomers

And lastely, I wanted to throw in my winning look for the Michael Miller pattern hack challenge.  Olivia’s urbanity.  By definition Urbanity means

  1. suavity, courteousness, and refinement of manner.
  2. urban life.

And that exactly what she is :)  A smooth, courteous, well behaved little girl.  We enjoy living so close to our beautiful city, Chicago, so we can enjoy the lake, exploring new areas, the architecture, the hustle and bustle of the downtown area, shopping and everything else our great city has to offer but we love coming home to our suburban home where we can wake up to the sounds of birds and crickets.

great pattern hack challenge 12 great pattern hack challenge 10 great pattern hack challenge 11 great pattern hack challenge 8 great pattern hack challenge 9 great pattern hack challenge 5lil luxe Pattern hack 1

I hope you enjoyed Olivia 5.0!  I love how it came together.  My theme and color inspiration were the biggest guiding factors and you can do it to create something special for your girl too!

5pointO Color Scheme fabrics 5pointO theme

Now go put together your own collection and join our virtual Runway!  There’s still time!!!

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Special thanks to our sponsors for their generosity!

Sew 'n style series sponsors

Most Cohesive Prize Pack:

$50 UpCraft Club

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$25 Owl and Drum

$20 Zipper Island

3 Lil Luxe pdf patterns of your choice (which can be saved for use in the collection coming soon)

Favorite Theme Prize Pack:

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4 Lil Luxe pdf patterns of your choice (which can be saved for use in the collection coming soon)


-Contestants upload one image (or collage image) from their collection in the link up party.  You don’t need to have a blog but the image should link up to a page where we can see more pictures and a description of your collection. Only upload into the link up ONCE.

-Half of your garments must be made from a lil luxe pattern.  So if you make 3 dresses 2 of the 3 would need to LLC or the third one could be a mash up. If you make three separate outfits (tops & bottoms) 3 of your 6 pieces would be LLC.

-The contest closes at midnight, Wednesday, September 30 US central standard time.  Winner will be announced on Friday, October 2.

-The first two prize packs will be awarded by me.  The Fan Favorite will be tallied and the link up with the most votes will win.

-In case of a tie, a new voting round between the tied collections will be organized.

-Contestants can only win one prize

-Let’s keep the contest fun and fair!  It’s okay to ask friends, family, blog readers and/or social media followers to come vote for you, but please don’t engage entire companies to come and vote for you.

3 thoughts on “Olivia 5.0 – Sew ‘n Style Series

  1. Your whole collection is absolutely beautiful Jess. I love all of it so much but the maxi dress is my favorite and is exactly like you said…a real show stopper!! I smiled when I saw her stuffed animal in her purse, Joni has the EXACT SAME ONE! We call it “crazy eyes”…lol.

    1. Thanks Angie!! OMG, too funny…Olivia loves that stuffed animal!! She named her Alice :)

  2. I love it all! Your photography is stunning. That maxi dress…I totally need one in my size! Also, I’ve really enjoyed seeing all the collections created for this series. Seriously amazing talent and creativity.

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