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Building a Color Story – Sew ‘n Style Series

Sew n Style color story

We’re back with week 2 of the Sew ‘n Style series.  This week we’ll be talking about building a color story (solids and prints), fabric shopping and patterns for your mini collection.  Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and/or Instagram with #sewnstylelilluxeseries  There will be a Special Giveaway on Friday!  One winner from Facebook (you must also be a member of our group page – there is a designated photo album for the Sew ‘n Style series) and one winner from Instagram will receive two Lil Luxe Collection patterns of their choice.  This can be used towards current patterns or you can wait for the new Fall into Winter collection coming soon!

Building a Color Story:

Hi, it is Melissa again from Rebel & Malice. Color really is a very important element of design. If a color is undesirable, it doesn’t matter how beautiful the design and stitching is, no one wants it. Color is extremely important for me. While I do enjoy some pastels and earth tones on occasion, what really makes me tick is high contrast colors, jewel tones, primary colors. So there is always black and white, with either deeper, rich version of colors or vibrant jewel tones.

When you have started building a theme, your most important detail may have started with a color or an item in a certain color. That color becomes your main color. Then you use complimentary colors with it to build a color story. Is it Earthy? Monochromatic? Contrasting? Ethereal? Modern?

Melissa’s Color scheme:

I built a color scheme that I want for my Floral fox theme. The main color is my first color, and the remaining will be the complimentary colors. Also, the highest contrast will be the colors that are cooler and the other 3 are warmer tones. This theme has some earthy fall tones, as well as some cool contrast tones.

melissas palette

Jessica’s color scheme:

As you read in the previous post, I let Olivia pick out her fabrics first thinking that they would speak to me, but it ended up being a  bunch of random fabrics from my current stash so I had to narrow it down and find a color source for inspiration.  One thing all the fabrics did have in common was that they were all shades of red…which is her favorite color and she always gravitates towards it so I knew her collection would need to be bright and RED.  Over the weekend we had our first taste of Dragon fruit.  I was pleasantly surprised and INSPIRED!  What a beautiful fruit! Don’t you just love the natural beauty in nature?!  I had no idea that the inside would be these specs of black and white which happen to be my two favorite go to colors.  And so I was able to pull together a color scheme that would anchor my collection.  I dropped the picture I took with my phone into photoshop and used the eyedropper tool to pull out colors from the fruit.

sew 'n style Color Scheme

You can create your own 5-color story on Coolors. It makes it really easy to put the colors together to see if they work. If you don’t want to build your theme that way, you can find color inspiration from ready made color palettes on Color Palettes or on Pinterest. Some of my favorite palettes right now include the season color Marsala or a deeper Merlot color.

color1 color4 color3 color2

I love that all of these palettes have the Pantone color of the year Marsala in such different ways. Obviously, we are not limited to trending colors. I do find that we are influenced by trends unknowingly since they surround us everywhere we go.

This is also the perfect time to work with mixing prints or sticking with solid fabrics and a print to work with. I love mixing prints. I love the fun, quirkiness of it. Plus it adds a texture to your looks. For a simple pattern mix, using something simple like stripes, polka dots, houndstooth, animal print or herringbone tend to be the easiest way because they act as a more neutral piece. Then you can mix with those same prints, or add a different one with it like a fun print, floral, paisley or whatever print that you want to include. My favorite way to mix prints is using a stripe or polka dot, or my favorite: animal print. Mixing prints is especially fun for the kids. There is a great post showing ways you can mix prints HERE The key here is to mix colors. So you can use different prints in like colors, or mix complementary colors in different prints.

I start a different way every time. For this particular theme, I started with the theme and built my color story from there. So which way did you start? Theme first? Or Color first? Print?

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Winners announced September 28


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