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Accessories and Photos – Sew ‘n Style Series

Sew n Style accessories and photography

Phew, we’re almost there!!  Now lets put some finishing touches on your mini collection.

Hi, it is Melissa again from Rebel & Malice. You have reached the final step of the series topics!! Is it exciting? Overwhelming? Don’t worry, you and your little one are going to ROCK it! The last topic is accessories and photography.

Accessories complete your look. They add detail, texture, and really help showcase your style, or are a fun way to get a pop of color you love, but don’t want that to be the focus. I have the most fun with accessories that can accent my collection in the more over the top ways. Your child wants animals, glitter, crazy colors or big details, then try to find an accessory that can give them that fun and still accenting the outfit. My girls tend to love things like purses and hair accessories that are really fun and childlike.

For things like this, you may want to shop to find pieces to accent your look, or maybe you want to have fun and challenge yourself to make a new item.  In the coming months, watch out for more free patterns and accessories on Lil Luxe  For now try these free tutorials for accessories if you’d like to make something for your mini collection (click on the image to be directed to the free tutorial):

shani sews wristlet and crossbody envelope purse

lil luxe belt free tutorial


lil luxe fringe cowl


Because I sometimes feel guilty for sewing when I could be playing with my little ladies, I try involve them as much as I can.  Instead of buying jewelry sometimes we’ll go to Michael’s or Joann’s and get some coordinating beads for their outfits and make some jewelry together.  It’s also a good way to keep them sitting still :)  Since they don’t nap anymore making jewelry together is a good way to spend an hour or two of relaxation time.  I love hearing how their minds are working and the conversations we have.

making necklaces

If you’re looking for store bought, these are some of my favorite places to shop for kid sized accessories: Charming Charlie, Claires, Target, H & M, Gymboree.  Did you also know that Lil Luxe Collection has an expanding accessory collection?!?!
luxe apparel fringe purse

luxe apparel floppy hat

luxe apparel aviator glasses

luxe apparel pineapple fruit purse

Once you have collected all your accessories and pieces, you have the final part of the collection: Photoshoot! If you want to really get into it, try to find a location that goes with your theme. And don’t forget to reward your little model for their hard work. For my kids, the new clothes are usually enough, but sometimes they need a favorite snack or meal for their hard work. Avoid taking their photos when they are cranky or tired, so you want to make sure they have eaten and aren’t ready for bed/naptime. Also, the time of day is everything. So taking photos midday will make for some harsh lighting. Too late will mean you don’t have enough natural light. Alida Makes has an e-book called Style That Kid that lots of people loved the tips from. The main idea is that you want to find places with good natural light that add just enough to your photo shoot without overpowering it. Also, props and places that excite your child will get you the best photos.

When I take pictures of my girls I just let them be them.  Occasionally i’ll ask them to stop and give me a pose but mostly I just let them be goofy and have fun!  My little ladies love going to new places and getting dressed up so when I want to photograph them outside I choose a cool place we haven’t been to, get them dressed and let them put on a little lip gloss…actually lip gloss and eye sparkles are always a must for my girls and this is the only time I allow it…anyway, when we get to our location, I just let them do their thing. I make sure my camera is set to take bursts of photos so I don’t miss a shot.  My husbands hobby is photography so we have a pro camera, which I don’t have any clue how to use but sometimes i’ll mess around with it or i’ll use my faithful iPhone :)  Always take plenty of pictures!!  I normally take about 100 and get about 5-10 good ones.


Here’s a before and after from one of my pictures.  I love photoshop and presets…it makes such a difference!!  Sometimes I can get away with a good preset from Instagram but sometimes I just like to sit at my computer and edit away :)

Now that you have everything together, are you ready for photos?

Enter the link up party starting August 17 through September 25.  Winners announced September 28



Use hashtag #sewNstyleluxeseries on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for anything you post related to the series.  There will be special giveaways throughout the series if you sew along with us, so make sure you tag us!

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Week 1 : Introduction to the Sew ‘N Style series

Week 2: Exploring shapes, silhouettes / Creating a theme


Week 1: Building a color story, exploring solids and prints / Sourcing fabric and patterns

Week 2: Planning your pieces / Accessorizing and photographing your model

Week 3-4 (August 17): Blog tour commences and link up party opens


Weeks 1-4: Blog tour continues / link up party closes on September 25 and voting begins

Winners announced September 28


Week 1 (8/18-8/20) – Sewing SoberBonnie & LottieSweeter than Cupcakes

Week 2 (8/25-8/27) – Hello HolliMade by Amanda RoseThat’s Sew Kari

Week 3 (9/1-9/3) – Create three point fiveProject DestashSkirtfixation

Week 4 (9/8-9/10) –  Lisa Lisa DesignsWhiskemFrom a Box

Week 5 (9/15-9-16) – Call AjaireSprouting JubeJubePaisley RootsMax California

Week 6 (9/22-9/24) – Beri Bee DesignsLulu and CelesteKimmie Sew CrazyMade by Sara


Special thanks to our sponsors for their generosity!  As soon as we get the rest of our sponsors posted, I’ll divi up the contest prizes :)

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