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Sew ‘N Style a girls wardrobe series

Sew n Style

Fashion and Architecture: Fluid Interfaces

You may or may not know that my background and training is in Art, Interior Design and Architecture, not Fashion.  Midway though my Graduate degree in Architecture I took a course entitled Fashion and Architecture: Fluid Interfaces.  I had found a course that merged by love for Architecture and passion for sewing.  I’ve been sewing since I was about 10 but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first daughter 6 years ago that I really started putting my sewing to the challenge.  Fast forward 4.5 years later and I’m “architecting” clothes NOT buildings?!?!  Definitely not the life I imagined when I was going to school to be an Architect but as it turns out designing clothes and designing buildings conceptually aren’t so different.  I’ve applied the drafting and knowledge I acquired in school and fine tuned my art and passion for sewing to create Lil Luxe Collection.

In the past year and half that I’ve been designing for Lil Luxe Collection, I’ve been been creating more of a catalog of ideas that have been brewing in my mind.  Now that I’ve had a taste for fashion and the pdf world of pattern design, I’m ready to step up my game and take things to the next level.  Rather than releasing patterns one at a time, i’ll be releasing them as a Spring to Summer and Fall into Winter Collections.  Each collection will be planned in the context of a wardrobe which will translate into signature, wearable pieces for your little fashionista.

Sew n Style
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Over the course of the next couple months while I “architect” my first official Fall into Winter Collection i’ll walk you through my creative process my the means of a new blog series: Sew ‘N Style.  We are designers, who love to construct things and use our hands.  Most of all we love to see our happy little girls wearing our completed sewing projects.  I feel like sometimes we create one off pieces because we like the pattern or think the fabric is pretty … and there’s nothing wrong with that, especially if you’re makings something for a particular event or party.  But what I would like to introduce is series that focuses on building a capsule collection which will transform into multiple outfits for your fashionistas wardrobe.

Let’s all be architects!  Think about form and function – and how we can build a wardrobe for our little ones that reflects their personalities, show off our creative talent and learn how we can sew more and buy less.  I’m by no means a fashion guru … in truth, I just have an artistic eye for design and I know what I like.  While I will eventually work on my own wardrobe let’s start small and set a platform for where great style starts.   So keep this in mind – Style starts young…my collection ranges from girl sizes 18m-8y because I believe these are their most impressionable years where they begin to foster an inspired sense of style as they learn to dress and express themselves.

sew n style3


I propose we personalize our sewing style even more than we already do and think about the aesthetics of what we create more deeply while involving our child.  After all this is a mini collection for her.  My girls are always with me when I go fabric shopping. And while it can sometimes be annoying having them around while I’m rolling form machine to machine or running back and forth from my fabric stash to my cutting table – I love that they’re interested in what I’m doing and that they’re eager to learn and create with me.  I hope during the process of building Lil Luxe Collection into a successful business that they learn the value of hard work, gain confidence and an empowered sense of self through great style and dedication.  Please join me in creating something special for your fashionista!


Create a three piece mini collection with a clear theme (back to school, holiday ensembles, summer style, etc – It’s up to you!).  This should be three separate looks that are cohesive with one another.  It can be something that you have already made this year and want to build off of or something new.  You can think of this as a small capsule collection.  For the challenge you’re only required to make three looks because I don’t want to overwhelm you but you’re welcome to make more if you want.  While I’d love for your little girl to be all dressed in Lil Luxe, I only challenge you make half of your garments from a lil luxe pattern.  So if you make 3 dresses 2 of the 3 would need to LLC or the third one could be a mash up. If you make three separate outfits (tops & bottoms) 3 of your 6 pieces would be LLC.  I think you’ll find that most of my patterns have enough options that you can make multiple outfits from one pattern.  Also, feel free to do a mashup or remix patterns.  On August 17  I will open up a link up party where everyone (bloggers included) may choose to upload their mini collection. Please note this is NOT a project that you HAVE to include your child in but you can if you want to :)


Enter the link up party starting August 17 through September 25.  Winners announced September 28

sew n style5


Use hashtag #sewNstyleluxeseries on Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook for anything you post related to the series.  There will be special giveaways throughout the series if you sew along with us, so make sure you tag us!

Use discount code SEWnSTYLE for 20% off your Sew Luxe pdf pattern purchase (expires 8/17/2015) on Lil Luxe Collection dot com (not valid on Etsy or Craftsy)

Want another discount?!  Get more patterns by using code SEWnSTYLE  at UpCraft Club for 10% off their site.

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Week 1 : Introduction to the Sew ‘N Style series

Week 2: Exploring shapes and silhouettes / Creating a theme


Week 1: Building a color story, exploring solids and printsSourcing fabric and patterns

Week 2: Planning your pieces / Accessorizing and photographing your model

Week 3-4 (August 17): Blog tour commences and link up party opens


Weeks 1-4: Blog tour continues / link up party closes on September 30 and voting begins

Winners announced October 2


Week 1 (8/18-8/20) – Sewing Sober, Bonnie & Lottie, Sweeter than Cupcakes

Week 2 (8/25-8/27) – Hello Holli, Made by Amanda Rose, That’s Sew Kari

Week 3 (9/1-9/3) – Create three point five, Project Destash, Skirtfixation

Week 4 (9/8-9/10) –  Lisa Lisa Designs, Whiskem, From a Box

Week 5 (9/15-9-16) – Call Ajaire, Sprouting JubeJube, Paisley Roots, Max California

Week 6 (9/22-9/24) – Beri bee designsLulu and Celeste, Kimmie Sew Crazy, Made by Sara


Special thanks to our sponsors for their generosity!

Sew 'n style series sponsors

Most Cohesive Prize Pack:

$50 UpCraft Club

$40 Urban Sew

$25 Owl and Drum

$20 Zipper Island

3 Lil Luxe pdf patterns of your choice (which can be saved for use in the collection coming soon)

Favorite Theme Prize Pack:

$50 Raspberry Creek

$40 Miss Matatabi

$25 Fabric Galore

2 Paisley Roots Patterns

3 Lil Luxe pdf patterns of your choice (which can be saved for use in the collection coming soon)

Fan Favorite:

4 Lil Luxe pdf patterns of your choice (which can be saved for use in the collection coming soon)


-Contestants upload one image (or collage image) from their collection in the link up party.  You don’t need to have a blog but the image should link up to a page where we can see more pictures and a description of your collection. Only upload into the link up ONCE.

-Half of your garments must be made from a lil luxe pattern.  So if you make 3 dresses 2 of the 3 would need to LLC or the third one could be a mash up. If you make three separate outfits (tops & bottoms) 3 of your 6 pieces would be LLC.

-The contest closes at midnight, Wednesday, September 30 US central standard time.  Winner will be announced on Friday, October 2.

-The first two prize packs will be awarded by me.  The Fan Favorite will be tallied and the link up with the most votes will win.

-In case of a tie, a new voting round between the tied collections will be organized.

-Contestants can only win one prize

-Let’s keep the contest fun and fair!  It’s okay to ask friends, family, blog readers and/or social media followers to come vote for you, but please don’t engage entire companies to come and vote for you.

5 thoughts on “Sew ‘N Style a girls wardrobe series

  1. This is so exciting! I’m feeling daunted but definitely inspired. :)

  2. This is a great idea. I have made my kids “collections” or what I have heard it called s.w.a.p.’s (sewing with a plan) in the past. It makes it much easier for them to get dressed when everything matches! If anyone is interested in what a collection would look like, here are two links – one for my son and one for my daughter.

    It is really fun to design a collection for them! I will be working on the fall, back to school wardrobe. Unfortunately, my girl is a bit too big for Little Lux now.

  3. I am so excited about this. I just need to decide on a color theme I want to go with.

  4. This is such a fun idea! Can’t wait to see what everyone makes!

  5. so excited!! can’t wait to see what everyone else comes up with as well!

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