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Exploring shapes, silhouettes – Sew ‘n Style Series

Sew n StyleSilhouettes

Have you been dreaming about your mini collection like I have?!  When I get an idea in my head I have to write/sketch it down…not only because I’ll forget but also because I won’t sleep until I’ve taken it out of my head.  Usually it’s just a basic sketch. I could show you my original sketches but you would laugh so here is a nicer version.  What I did was google a fashion illustration and then print it out.  I then layer a piece of trace paper over and begin sketching my garment idea over the illustration…I can’t draw people, never been able to so the faces, legs, and arms are the only party I copy.  Bet I fooled you into thinking I could actually draw this well!!  I’m halfway there…as with anything I’m sure i’ll and you will get better at drawing with practice!

Sew n StyleSilhouettes

Anyway, this is how I start to form my idea for what I want to make.  Over the next few weeks before our bloggers start to share their mini collections we’ll be talking about shape, silhouettes, color, textures, shopping for fabrics, accessories, etc.  Today we’ll start with shapes and silhouettes…when we say shape, we’re referring to the individual garments we wear commonly referred to by designers as style lines.  Obviously are girls have not formed into a woman’s body but they do have their own unique shape and we know what styles work best for them.  For example, me and my girls are very petite. Bermuda shorts don’t work well for us because it cuts off the height of our legs making us look shorter.  For this reason I choose to dress myself and my girls in shorter shorts that will make our legs look longer 😉

As you begin to think or sketch your ideas think about: Ease (tight or loose), length, neckline, waist position, sleeve length, and fullness.  Joining us today is my guest blogger and co-writter for this blog series Melissa.

Hi I am Melissa from Rebel & Malice and I am so excited to be joining Jess in her Sew N Style series. As we are sewing for our children, we choose a number of reasons why we sew. The more things you sew, you start to get a feel for the styles that you like. Our children also develop a sense of what they like or don’t like.  If you really pay attention to it, you and your child are fashion designers. You use something like a pattern or fabric to inspire what that will shape into. that brings me to topic of shapes and silhouettes. You may not realize it at them time, but you are inspired by certain shapes when you create this clothing. As you start to build this collection, think of the shapes that inspire you. Modern shapes, relaxed shapes, structured shapes, whimsical shapes, classic shapes. There are lots of different shapes in fashion, and that is the best part of discovering what makes your fashion heart tick.

Square Shapes:

Square shapes are great for balancing slim shapes. They also add volume like a box, or square a sleeve or pocket. You may like a bigger boxy shirt, dress or coat with leggings or pants. It gives a relaxed and modern look.

sew n style s&s1

These are all from Pinterest (links to their original posts)

1. Plaid Boxy Top 2. Nico Nico Organic Fashion 3. Side Button Sweater 4. Black and White dress

Round Shapes:

Rounds shapes have a lot of fluidity or structure, all based on the type of fabric you use. Round shapes tend to give a lot of flow while still giving a relaxed shape. You can also create volume and bubbles with round shapes. It can be very modern, or bohemian and romantic.

sew n style s&s4These are all from Pinterest (links to their original posts)

1. White bubble dress 2. Mustard bubble sunsuit 3. Gray Swing Coat 4. Swing Top Sweater

Ruffles, Ripples and Waves:

These details add texture, volume and interest. You can find these inspirations everywhere from cake to water to packages. The way those details are applied can make something very girly, full, or with lots of texture. It also changes a plain shape into a new shape entirely.

sew n style s&s3

These are all from Pinterest (links to their original posts)

1. Ruched Swimsuit 2. Ruched Harem leggings 3. Ruffled coat and skirt 4. Ruffled wrap shirt

Lines and Folds:
Folds, pleats, pintucks and smocking join lines to form interesting shapes and texture. Some can be very vintage and classic, while other provide a very modern twist. Some of these give an added sense of structure to the clothing in manner of fitting and n style s&s4

These are all from Pinterest (links to their original posts)

1. Box pleat Dress 2. Pleated skirt 3. Pleat sleeve capelet 4. Pintucked Sleeve

I think these are some of the most important elements of our fashion shapes, lines and silhouettes. Which of these elements do you find yourself using in your design? Maybe it made you think about the things that inspire you and what details you like about them.


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Week 1 : Introduction to the Sew ‘N Style series

Week 2: Exploring shapes, silhouettes / Creating a theme


Week 1: Building a color story, exploring solids and prints / Sourcing fabric and patterns

Week 2: Planning your pieces / Accessorizing and photographing your model

Week 3-4 (August 17): Blog tour commences and link up party opens


Weeks 1-4: Blog tour continues / link up party closes on September 25 and voting begins

Winners announced September 28


Week 1 (8/18-8/20) – Sewing SoberBonnie & LottieSweeter than Cupcakes

Week 2 (8/25-8/27) – Hello HolliMade by Amanda RoseThat’s Sew Kari

Week 3 (9/1-9/3) – Create three point fiveProject DestashSkirtfixation

Week 4 (9/8-9/10) –  Lisa Lisa DesignsWhiskemFrom a Box

Week 5 (9/15-9-16) – Call AjaireSprouting JubeJubePaisley RootsMax California

Week 6 (9/22-9/24) – Beri Bee DesignsLulu and CelesteKimmie Sew CrazyMade by Sara


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