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Creating a theme – Sew ‘n Style Series

Sew n Style themes

Week one, day two! Today’s topic is Creating a theme.  This could possibly be the most important step.  I create different boards on Pinterest for elements I like such as collars, pockets, sleeves, color, fashion, creative details, etc. I’ll then create an inspiration or mood board for the current design or collection I’m working on … but you won’t find these because they’re secret 😉 Within each board I have images that inspire me whether it’s architecture, textures, colors, style lines, organic elements (flowers, trees), photography, etc.  From here I’ll take screen shots and open up every picture on desk top separately to create a sort of collage.  Then i’ll take one big screenshot of my “screen collage” and delete all the other images (a cluttered desktop really bothers me, lol).  Next, i’ll print this picture, in color and pin to my wall for inspiration.  I’ll also take it shopping with me too.  Sometimes I get deterred or sidetracked from my original thoughts but creating this collage or theme board will reel me back in and keep me focused…and this is why creating a theme is so important.  A theme or mood board serves as a jumping off point but keeps you anchored.  Not to mention at the end of the series, prizes will be award for MOST COHESIVE AND FAVORITE THEME so don’t miss this step!

Please read on as we’re joined again by Melissa and her thoughts on Creating a theme.

Hi, it is Melissa again from Rebel & Malice. Do you pay attention to the themes used in fashion? Sometimes the designers have been inspired by some obscure things, other times it it simple and timeless. The themes in children’s wear have been a steady flow of space, woodland animals and geometric shapes. This is your collection, so now it is time you make your own fashion theme.

In fashion, a mood board is created to show the inspiration behind your theme. Pinterest is a great place to start, or using magazines to collage your process. Find the initial inspirations and brainstorm until you find one that really inspires you. Use that as your base. HERE is a little bit about moods boards and what they look like to help you visualize. That is the real point of a mood board: to put your vision together. Seeing all the elements together makes it a reality.


1) Find main inspiration

2) Add secondary inspirations

3) Add textures, colors, shapes that pull idea together

melissas theme

Melissa’s theme:

For my theme, I used my 4 year old as my inspiration. Fall is coming and she LOVES foxes. So I used the Fox as my base for texture, fabrics, shape and color. They come in a variety of colors, but I wanted to focus on that rust orange color. Then to add some romance and whimsy to it, I was inspired by fall flower arrangements. I wanted dark fall colors to come together with a few slight pops of bright colors. Using polyvore, I found clothing, colors, and designs that are going in the same direction as my them

Jessica’s theme:

For my theme, I also used my 5 year old for inspiration.  Meet Olivia.  She loves arts and crafts and of course sewing with me :)  She’s loves to be outdoors whether it’s playing soccer or making discoveries.  She’s quite the adventurist!   She also is very fond of music and dancing.  I just love when she and her sister put on little performances just for me!  They have a dress up bin full of fun stuff for them to prance around in.  I’ve been known to join in on their fun and have our own little dance parties 😉  Olivia also loves to shop.  Her favorite things to buy are shoes and jewelry.  I think i’ve created a monster…or better yet said…my clone, LOL!  When I told her about this project, I let her pic her fabric first so we’re a little ahead of the game but for my mood board I wanted to capture the things that Olivia likes and build a wardrobe fit for the things she likes to do.

5pointO theme

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Week 1 : Introduction to the Sew ‘N Style series

Week 2: Exploring shapes, silhouettes / Creating a theme


Week 1: Building a color story, exploring solids and prints / Sourcing fabric and patterns

Week 2: Planning your pieces / Accessorizing and photographing your model

Week 3-4 (August 17): Blog tour commences and link up party opens


Weeks 1-4: Blog tour continues / link up party closes on September 25 and voting begins

Winners announced September 28


Week 1 (8/18-8/20) – Sewing SoberBonnie & LottieSweeter than Cupcakes

Week 2 (8/25-8/27) – Hello HolliMade by Amanda RoseThat’s Sew Kari

Week 3 (9/1-9/3) – Create three point fiveProject DestashSkirtfixation

Week 4 (9/8-9/10) –  Lisa Lisa DesignsWhiskemFrom a Box

Week 5 (9/15-9-16) – Call AjaireSprouting JubeJubePaisley RootsMax California

Week 6 (9/22-9/24) – Beri Bee DesignsLulu and CelesteKimmie Sew CrazyMade by Sara


Special thanks to our sponsors for their generosity!  As soon as we get the rest of our sponsors posted, I’ll divi up the contest prizes :)

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  1. I’m LOVING this series!

    I’m heading into spring/summer here so I’m following along and building my collection. I’ll be sure to use the # as I upload pics :)

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